Tight on Time?

One of the biggest reasons people give for not wanting to get started culturing their own foods is time. And certainly there are some cultured foods that are going to keep you in the kitchen longer than others.

But each ferment is a bit different in terms of how much time it takes to maintain it or use it. And if time is your limiting factor, we are here to break down what you really do have time for, and to bust the myth that culturing food at home is just too time-consuming.

If You Have 30 Minutes per Day

You’d be surprised at all you can accomplish in the kitchen in 30 minutes every day. The cultures that you can maintain are numerous. In this time you can do all of the following:

If You Have 20 Minutes per Day

If You Have 10 Minutes per Day

  • Make sour cream, milk kefir, or yogurt.
  • Put a quick-brined lacto-fermented vegetable together.
  • Make water kefir

If You Have 5 Minutes per Day


As you can see, how much time you have is directly related to how many cultured foods you can keep up with. And even with just five minutes per day you can create enzyme- and probiotic-rich foods that you can use at your convenience.

When determining how much culturing you have time for also take into account the fact that cultured foods act as healthy “fast foods.” That is, once your foods are cultured they come together to make nutritious meals in a flash!