A healthy lunch for school children is important, as most can agree. But is it possible to include cultured foods that keep until lunch time and please kids? Of course! Keeping lunch simple, varied, and portion sizes suited to the needs of each child is important. Even including just 1 or 2 cultured foods makes lunch a part of a cultured diet.

  1. Try switching to sourdough bread for sandwiches. Top with cultured butter, cream cheese and jam, or lacto-fermented mayo.


  1. Either dairy or non-dairy yogurt serves as a healthy snack and delicious treat. Try adding some fruit to a cup first and spooning yogurt on top.


  1. For a side, cultured applesauce, fruit leather, and lacto fermented carrot sticks all get the kid seal of approval.


  1. Some kids will eat anything if it involves dipping! Cut veggies or pizza crust into sticks and include a cup filled with a fun cultured dip. Try,peach salsa, bean dip, ranch, or barbecue sauce.


  1. What would school lunch be without dessert? Even dessert can be cultured and makes kids feel part of the group when they have something like their peers.


  1. A drink to wash it all down rounds out the meal. Be sure to use an ice pack and a well sealed container as cultured beverages can develop carbonation in warm temperatures. Water kefir, Kombucha, Milk kefir, and piima can all be flavored with juice, fruit, or herbal teas.


The best way to make a lunch that will be enjoyed is to include the child. Make lunch planning a part of the weekend, get creative, and pack lunches together. Then everyone can enjoy healthy, cultured foods all day!