The beginning of the year is a time when many people make resolutions to improve their lives, but these choices can really be made any time of year. A birthday, anniversary, or any new beginning can also be a good time to make a fresh start.

One of the most common resolutions people make is to spend more time with family, followed closely by a determination to become healthier and more fit. A Real Food lifestyle can support both of these ideas: not only can you improve your diet with cultured whole foods, but you can also make culturing and fermenting a family affair. You will enjoy the productive time with your loved ones, and introduce them to a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

Other popular resolutions are to enjoy life more and to learn new things. Culturing and fermenting are a great way to do both! There are endless new things to learn when you work with cultured foods, from simple recipes to make for the first time, to the fascinating world of bacteriology. But you don’t have to be a scientist to learn the basics, and we are here to help with our articles, recipes, blog, Facebook page, product pages, and helpful customer support team.

Getting out of debt is often at the top of the list of resolutions for many people as well. A Real Food lifestyle can seem challenging at first, but when you start making some of your own foods, you will be delighted to find out that you can have a regular supply of high-quality and delicious foods at just a fraction of the cost of similar storebought items. For instance:

  • A bottle of kombucha typically costs between $3 and $4 at the store, but you can make a half-gallon of the same thing for just pennies with a half-cup of sugar and a few teabags.
  • Cultured milk products can cost between $4 and $10 a quart, but fresh creamy yogurt, buttermilk, or kefir are available within hours for just the cost of the milk when you make your own with re-usable cultures.
  • An artisanal loaf of sourdough bread will run you somewhere around $6 or more at a bakery. But you can make your own crispy, chewy, tangy sourdough in your own kitchen for just a couple of dollars, and have the added bonus of that fresh-baked bread aroma in your home!
  • If you have priced fresh fermented vegetables like sauerkraut or pickles, you may have backed away at the high prices! Yet you can make the same thing at home with any fresh vegetables and some salt water, and you can do it any time of year!
  • Any type of real cheese (not the processed cheese-based slices) can start at $5 per pound and work up to over $30 per pound! Yet a gallon or two of fresh milk, a little culture, and some patience can produce a pound of delicious homemade cheese right in your own kitchen.


The list goes on and on… any time you can start with fresh food and add a little culture, you will save money over purchasing similar items at the store. You can also learn something new, spend more time with family, and help yourself with healthy real foods!

So, what are you waiting for? Make a plan to do something good for yourself and enjoy some cultured food!