Does it seem overwhelming to serve cultured foods at every meal? Life can get busy with work, family activities, chores and community commitments. Spending hours on preparing meals each day is not feasible for most people. By keeping a refrigerator stocked with a variety of cultures, pulling a few jars out to supplement a meal can be nearly as simple as commercial alternatives!


A variety of dairy products can be found in many refrigerators. Instead of buying them at the market, try making a few at home:


Any refrigerator will have a whole door filled with various condiments. From sauces to dressings and more - these can all be replaced with fermented varieties:


Cultured vegetables make a welcome addition to any meal. From salads in summer to rich warm casseroles in winter, lacto-fermented vegetables add flavor and interest:


While bread and other baked grain dishes are usually not kept in the refrigerator, keeping a sourdough starter provides a base for making an endless variety of breads and baked goods. Sourdough can be kept in the refrigerator for a week at a time without a feeding so that maintenance does not have to be a daily chore.

With only a small amount of attention, sprouts fit seamlessly into a busy schedule. Sprouted seeds can be kept refrigerated for several days. They provide a concentrated source of nutrients and a bright addition to sandwiches, eggs, salads, and more.

Fermentation is a form of food preservation. This makes it easy to culture one or two foods at a time as schedules allow, to be enjoyed over the course of weeks or even months. While the fridge won’t be overflowing all at once with cultured foods, with some planning and time, anyone can add homemade cultures to any meal of the day.