A holiday BBQ offers a variety of options for including naturally cultured and fermented foods.


Get creative with toppings for your main dish. Try Fruit Chutney,Onion Relish or even Zucchini Relish. For the more traditional route, try replacing your conventional BBQ Sauce with a lacto-fermented kombucha BBQ sauce. Plan ahead and use a delcious marinade, such as our Garlic Yogurt Meat Marinade

Are hamburgers on the menu? Sourdough hamburger or hotdog bunsare a great way to start. All conventional condiments can be replaced with lacto-fermented versions, including ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. Remember, cheese and sauerkraut are cultured foods too and make delicious burger toppings.


Planning a potato salad? Try this delicious Probiotic Yogurt Potato Salad recipe using either yogurt or kefir. Or for a twist on your favorite potato salad recipe, try replacing the conventional mayonnaise with a lacto-fermented version. Add some naturally cultured zucchini-cucumber relish for an extra kick.

Top the standard green salad with a probiotic salad dressing. There are lots of options including:


Even a conventional Waldorf Salad can be improved with cultured dressing.

Trade out the standard chips and dip for a few naturally cultured versions. Try serving Probiotic Guacamole or Bean Dip, Lacto-fermented Salsa or even Kefir Ranch Dip.

Fermented Drinks & BEVERAGES

Forget conventional soda pop! Lacto-fermented beverages are easy to make and a much better option. Try Flavored Kombucha, Water Kefir Lemonade, Water Kefir made with Fruit (raspberry is our favorite),Lemon-Ginger Water Kefir, or a Kombucha Mocktail (or cocktail) made with coconut water and pineapple juice. The alcohol is optional.

There are also a variety of lacto-fermented sodas includingGingerale and Root Beer.  Or try even more creative cultured beverages ideas including Kvass, Rejuvelac and more.

Fermented DESSERTS

Finish up with a delicious cultured dessert or two! Planning a pie? Try a Sourdough Pie Crust! A great way make a light and tender pie crust while breaking down the flour to be more easily digested.

Did you know you can make cookies with sourdough starter too? Sourdough Chocolate Chip Cookies and Soft Sourdough Cookies are both easy and delicious.

Serve fresh fruit topped with creamy Kefir Dessert Sauce (this recipe can also be made with coconut milk kefir for a dairy free option).

In the mood for a cold treat? Check out our recipe for a Raspberry Kefir Granita or how about a popsicle recipe such as Chocolate Kefir Popsicles, Lemon Water Kefir Popsicles, and Coconut Water Kefir Popsicles.  Try one or two of these cultured ice cream and frozen yogurt recipes:


Happy Holidays!