Incorporating cultured and fermented foods into your favorite holiday dishes is easy. With a few small adjustments and substitutions, your family can enjoy a more nutrient-dense meal complete with a probiotic boost.


Cultured Dips

Make over your favorite dip recipe by substituting yogurt, kefir, or naturally cultured sour cream for mayonnaise. Or try these delicious alternatives:


Don't have kefir on hand? Try our Milk Kefir Grains for delicious homemade milk kefir.

We carry a variety of Yogurt and Sour Cream cultures, which can be used as a substitute for milk kefir in the dip recipes.


Soft Cheese

Soft cheeses are perfect for dipping vegetables or spreading on crackers. Fromage blanc and chèvre are both incredibly easy to make, even for beginning cheesemakers.

Try several different soft cheeses in our Home Cheesemaking Kits.



For a festive substitute to traditional crackers, try making


Compare our Sourdough Starters and choose one that fits your taste.



Cut fruit into bite-size pieces and serve with slices of Honey-Lavender Goat Cheese and a few chocolate curls. Decorative and delicious!


Cultured Butter

Be sure to have plenty of cultured butter on hand for bread, vegetables, corn and potatoes! Never has a cultured food been more delicious.


Choose from Water or Milk Kefir Cultures and Starter Kits.


Many holiday gatherings focus on the dessert. There are endless ways to make dessert cultured.



Try a sourdough pie crust or Gluten-free Sourdough Pie Crust! A great way to make a light and tender pie crust that is more easily digested.



Delicious cookies can be made with sourdough, cultured butter and organic sugar. For the next cookie exchange, try these:


Cultured Dessert Toppings

If you are looking for a delicious cultured topping, kefir dessert sauceis a great option, as is Whipped Cultured Cream Dessert Topping


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