Once you get your family onboard with cultured foods it is fairly easy to keep them coming back for more. But for that in-between time when you want your family to eat them but they’re not overly excited about them, there are a few ways to get them in without scaring anyone!

If you’re going to add cultured foods to your family’s diet then you need to find the foods they already eat and swap in cultured ingredients for non-cultured ingredients. This will give your family a taste for cultured foods without them even knowing it.


1. Pickles.

Lacto-fermented pickles are deliciously tart and flavorful. Often times you can swap the commercial pickle next to your child’s sandwich for a cultured one without any fuss.

If they complain or you think they won’t go for it, then try chopping uplacto-fermented pickles and adding them to tuna salad or slipping them into a burger or sandwich.

2. Kombucha Vinegar.

Making kombucha vinegar is as simple as letting your kombucha brew longer than usual. Once you have this vinegar you can use it anywhere you’d use apple cider or wine vinegars. Use it in a vinaigrette, a marinade, and in various dressings and dips.

3. Sour Cream.

Making sour cream is easy. Homemade sour cream tastes exactly like store-bought sour cream, but has beneficial cultures many commercial sour creams lack. Serve it up with your favorite Mexican dishes, atop soups, or in a salad dressing.

4. Sourdough Bread and Crackers.

Almost anyone will go crazy for homemade bread or other baked goods. So using sourdough breads should be fairly easy, if you know how to bake a non-sour sourdough bread.

5. Ketchup.

Everyone loves ketchup, right, especially kids? Putting a jar of lacto-fermented ketchup on the table for your next barbecue is as easy as going to the store for the commercial variety.

More Ways to Introduce Cultured Foods

Once you’ve successfully added a cultured food or two into the regular foods successfully you can explain to them what it is and why it is beneficial for them. Then you should have an open door to all sorts of cultured foods. By adding them in unnoticed you can show your family that it isn’t that different from their usual food and they can slowly jump on board the cultured food train.