Paneer & Queso Blanco Cheesemaking Kit

Make 10+ batches of homemade cheese!

Both Paneer and Queso Blanco are dense white cheeses that are great as a meat replacement. Plus they're easy to make! This kit includes everything you need to make over 10 batches of cheese. It's great for beginning cheese makers and is a fun family project.

TOTAL TIME: 1 to 3 hours for each cheese

YIELD:  1 lb. of Paneer and 1½-2 lb. of Queso Blanco per batch

Hand-Picked Ingredients & Supplies


In This Kit:

Citric acid is used in home cheesemaking to help the milk acidify quickly and get it ready for coagulation. While it is used to make several types of cheese, to create each unique cheese it is used in different amounts and in combination with other ingredients.


  • Kit includes 4 oz. package of Citric Acid
  • Usage Rate: Use and dilute as directed by your recipe.
  • Ingredients: Derived from non-GMO cane or beet sugar | Contains NO glutamate, glutamic acid or hydrolyzed protein.
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

With this re-usable cheesecloth you'll be one step closer to delicious homemade cheese! Use it to strain whey from your milk curds to start solidifying them into scrumptious cheese.


  • 1 square yard (91 cm x 91 cm)
  • Fine-weave
  • 100% unbleached cotton

Heating milk at the right rate to the right temperature is an important part of home cheesemaking. We include a pocket thermometer to help you get it right!


  • 1-inch dial displays temperature range of 0º to 220º F
  • Material: Stainless steel stem | Shatterproof plastic lens
  • Dimensions: 5 inches long

You Supply:

Pasteurized milk, stainless steel pot large enough to hold 1 gallon of milk, colander and a large bowl, ladle, heavy skillet, brick, or something else about 5 lbs.

Make Cheese With Flair


Tips & Tricks:

When it comes to heating milk for cheesemaking, temperature can make the difference between a mozzarella that stretches perfectly, and one that turns to mush in the oven.

Slow and steady is always better than rushing through heating and potentially scalding your milk and leaving you with off flavors.

We recommend heating milk for cheese at a rate of one degree per minute, unless otherwise noted in the recipe. On most stoves, this means a medium low setting and can take 30-40 minutes.

When in doubt, keep the temperature low. Milk that is heated too quickly will give an unpleasant bitter or cooked flavor to your final product. Your recipe may take a little longer, but it will be more likely to turn out beautifully and taste delicious.

You'll be using the included butter muslin to drain whey from your cheese curd.

Dampening the butter muslin before lining the colander helps it to stick in place while you pour in the cheese to drain.


To make a draining bag, tie the corners of the butter muslin together and hang the bag over a bowl. A cabinet handle works great for this!


We are often asked for a guideline for salting homemade cheeses. The fact is, it totally is up to you and your taste buds! A good rule of thumb is 1 tsp. per half pound of soft cheese. When in doubt, start with less then add more as needed to boost the flavor.

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Give your kitchen some global flair by making Paneer, a versatile Indian cheese, or Queso Blanco, a crumbly white Latin America cheese. Make both in just a couple hours and add some serious flair to the same old meal plan. Get the kids involved or gift this kit to family and friends. It contains everything you need to make Paneer & Queso Blanco - just add milk!