When choosing to make sour cream at home you may have a few ideas on how to use it, maybe as a topping for tacos, salads, or soups. But sour cream has many more uses.

Sour cream is incredibly versatile and lends the richness of cream to any dish while providing the lightening properties of buttermilk and yogurt to baked goods.

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1. Make Creamy Savory Dishes

Many savory dishes taste better when an element of dairy is added. In order to retain the enzymes and probiotics of cultured sour cream, allow the food to cool down substantially before adding the sour cream. Once cooled down, add a generous dollop of cultured sour cream to soups, pasta dishes, or casseroles. Or try these recipes:

2. Use in Sandwiches

Mayonnaise lends a great flavor and creamy texture to dishes like chicken or tuna salad sandwiches. As an alternative to mayonnaise try cultured sour cream with a touch of lemon or vinegar and salt. Spread it directly on the bread or replace mayo with sour cream in the sandwich spread.

3. Make Salad Dressings and Dips

Many creamy dressings and dips are made with a combination of sour cream and mayonnaise. The mayonnaise does change the flavor a bit, but with additional acidity, it really isn’t necessary. Simply replace the mayonnaise portion with sour cream and add extra lemon juice.

Incorporate sour cream into vinaigrette, to bind the oil and vinegar together and create a lightly creamy dressing of any flavor. Or try a recipe that includes sour cream already:

4. Enhance Baked Goods

Sour cream might just be the best-cultured dairy product to bake with. Have you ever tried sour cream coffee cafe, sour cream chocolate cake, or sour cream and raisin pie?

To baked goods, sour cream lends the richness of heavy cream and the acidity that all cultured dairy products have. That acidity breaks down the crumb in the flour content of baked goods, resulting in a fluffier, more tender cake, roll, or cookie.

5. Create Ice cream or Smoothies

Summertime calls for sour cream too, and with these wonderful recipes, you can replace the heavily-sugared frozen treats with your own cultured substitutes.


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The rich, tangy flavor of sour cream goes well with so many dishes, sweet and savory. It's so versatile that any house should have it and you can even make it at home!

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