DIY Cheese Kits


Make It Homemade

Mozzarella, cream cheese, feta, ricotta, paneer… pick your favorite! Give your family the gift of homemade with a fun project you can do together.

We Make It Easy

With detailed, step-by-step instruction booklets and recipes, these kits are perfect for beginners and even experienced cheesemakers. We make it easy.

Just Add Milk

From butter muslin and rennet to cheese starter cultures and more, our cheese making kits contain everything you need. Just add milk!


Paneer & Queso Blanco Cheese Making Kit

Give your kitchen some global flair by making Paneer, a versatile Indian cheese, or Queso Blanco, a crumbly white Latin America cheese. Make both in just a couple hours and add some serious flair to the same old meal plan. Get the kids involved or gift this kit to family and friends. It contains everything you need to make Paneer & Queso Blanco - just add milk!

INCLUDES: Citric Acid, Thermometer, Butter Muslin, Instruction & Recipe Booklet


Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese Making Kit

Make authentic Italian cuisine with this Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Kit, perfect for beginning cheese makers and even kids. Start a new hobby or create quick, easy cheeses – homemade Mozzarella takes just 30 minutes. This kit contains all you need to make up to 12 lbs. of -Mozzarella, as much as 48 lbs. of Ricotta, or a tasty combination of both - just add milk.

INCLUDES: Vegetable Rennet, Citric Acid, Cheese Salt, Thermometer, Butter Muslin, Instruction & Recipe Booklet


Basic Italian Cheese Making Kit

Create a tasty DIY snack, make an unforgettable dessert, or upgrade your family’s lasagna recipe with this Basic Italian Cheese Making Kit. This kit contains everything you need to make cheese in under an hour; just add milk. Start your cheese making adventure with a delicious introduction that will get you hungry for making more advanced Italian cheeses.

INCLUDES: Vegetable Rennet, Citric Acid, Cheese Salt, Tartaric Acid, Thermometer, Butter Muslin, Instruction & Recipe Booklet


Fresh Cheese Making Kit

Making fresh cheese at home has never been easier than with this Fresh Cheese Kit. You can make your favorite soft cheeses or try something new – all the tools and ingredients you need are included; just add milk. The basic recipes are perfect for beginners and lay the foundation for your new cheesemaking adventure. Makes up to 24 lbs. fresh cheese.

INCLUDES: 2 Cheese Cultures, Vegetable Rennet, Calcium Chloride, Cheese Salt, Thermometer, Butter Muslin, Instruction & Recipe Booklet


Goat Cheese Making Kit

It’s easy to make fresh and delicious goat cheeses at home with this all-inclusive kit; just add milk. Goat cheese makes a wholesome family snack, an impressive appetizer, and a zesty addition to salads, sandwiches, pastas, and pizzas. Beginning cheesemakers will have no trouble with this easy-to-use kit. Makes 8-12 pounds of cheese.

INCLUDES: Cheese Culture, Vegetable Rennet, Calcium Chloride, Cheese Salt, Thermometer, Butter Muslin, Instruction & Recipe Booklet

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