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Sourdough Recipes

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Sourdough baking can seem daunting, but with our sourdough recipes at your fingertips, you'll be armed to take on any cooking task!

Whether you need fluffy pancakes for breakfast, a rustic country bread loaf to go with dinner,  or have a few cups of discarded sourdough starter you need to use up, cooking and baking with sourdough is flexible, flavorful, and fun for the whole family.

Explore our sourdough recipes below, and remember: you can do this!

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  • Sourdough Belgian Waffles

    Sourdough Belgian Waffles

    Belgian waffles are different from other types of waffles in that they are made with a yeast-based dough. A perfect treat for a special brunch!

  • Sourdough Apple Fritters

    Sourdough Apple Fritters

    These sweet apple fritters are spiced with cinnamon and studded generously with fresh apples. Serve them with yogurt, kefir, or sour cream, for a real breakfast treat!

  • No-Knead Rye Sourdough Loaf

    No-Knead Rye Sourdough Loaf

    Finally, a sourdough loaf that is 100% rye! Once used to working with rye, you'll be able to throw this loaf together in no time at all!

  • Soft Sourdough Cookies

    Soft Sourdough Cookies

    Make delicious sugar cookies using a traditional sourdough starter. Add your favorite spice as topping, for a personal cookie treat!

  • Sourdough Pumpkin Pancakes

    Sourdough Pumpkin Pancakes

    Check out these amazing pancakes. They are light and fluffy and have a nice fall flavor. Perfect for enjoying with a hot cup of tea on a cool fall morning.

  • Sourdough Cinnamon-Pecan Coffee Cake

    Sourdough Cinnamon-Pecan Coffee Cake

    A perfect holiday treat, this sourdough coffee cake recipe will satisfy all your guests, for breakfast, brunch, or an afternoon snack.

  • Sourdough Pizza Bread

    Sourdough Pizza Bread

    This bread is almost as good as having pizza, and it makes a great snack with a slice of cheese melted on top.

  • Sourdough Dutch Baby Pancake

    Sourdough Dutch Baby Pancake

    Cooked in a cast-iron skillet and made with sourdough you have a beautifully rustic, old-fashioned breakfast.

  • Whole Wheat Sourdough Burger Buns

    Whole Wheat Sourdough Burger Buns

    Make sourdough hamburger buns for your next cookout. Long or short proofing options included in our easy step-by-step instructions.

  • Sourdough Sour Cream Waffles

    Sourdough Sour Cream Waffles

    Tangy, rich, and slightly sweet, these waffles are quick and easy to make and delicious to eat! They’re also a great way to use discarded sourdough starter.

  • Sourdough Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

    Sourdough Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

    These sourdough muffins pack a flavor and nutritional punch. Serve as a fall treat for breakfast along with eggs and apples, or as a school snack.

  • Overnight Sourdough Breakfast Strata

    Overnight Sourdough Breakfast Strata

    A breakfast strata is a great way to use up day-old sourdough bread. It makes an easy meal you can throw together the night before and bake in the morning..

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