Sourdough Recipes

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  • Sourdough Hushpuppies

    Sourdough Hushpuppies

    Hushpuppies are pure Southern comfort food. They go well with fried fish or seafood, but you may just like them as a snack all by themselves.

  • Sourdough Banana Zucchini Quick Bread

    Sourdough Banana Zucchini Quick Bread

    This tasty bread is reminiscent of the zucchini you had as a child, but with the added tang of sourdough!

  • Sourdough Peanut Butter Cookies

    Sourdough Peanut Butter Cookies

    Here is a twist on the traditional peanut butter cookies using your homemade sourdough starter. Add chocolate chips for a fun twist!

  • Chocolate Sourdough Snack Cake

    Chocolate Sourdough Snack Cake

    This recipe makes just the right sized cake for a small family. It’s similar to a brownie, but more cake-like in texture.

  • Sourdough Spelt Muffins

    Sourdough Spelt Muffins

    These sourdough muffins are barely sweetened with honey and have just a bit of tang from a long-fermentation period.

  • Egg-free Sourdough Pancakes

    Egg-free Sourdough Pancakes

    Steering clear of eggs? No problem! Check out our easy recipe for making delicious egg-free sourdough pancakes.

  • Rye Sourdough Noodles

    Rye Sourdough Noodles

    This rustic grain dish provides the base for a flavorful sauce or as an addition to soups and stews.

  • Sourdough Fruit Cobbler

    Sourdough Fruit Cobbler

    This fruit-laden cobbler is sure to please any palate.

  • Sourdough Oat Bran Muffins

    Sourdough Oat Bran Muffins

    This muffin is packed with low-glycemic bran, and the fermentation process brings out more flavor, with just a hint of tang.

  • Whole Wheat Sourdough Cinnamon Raisin Rolls

    Whole Wheat Sourdough Cinnamon Raisin Rolls

    Make these delicious fragrant rolls for your next breakfast or holiday dinner. Made using a traditional sourdough starter.

  • Savory Vegetable-Cheddar Sourdough Pancakes

    Savory Vegetable-Cheddar Sourdough Pancakes

    These pancakes, loaded with vegetables & protein, make an exciting, savory supper. They contrast the sweet fluffy pancakes served at breakfast.

  • Sourdough Skillet Tamale Pie

    Sourdough Skillet Tamale Pie

    This quick, economical, and filling main dish uses ingredients that are easy to keep on hand for busy days in need of a quick dinner.