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Homemade Personal Care Recipes

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Pampering yourself doesn't have to mean splurging on expensive products laced with chemicals. You can enjoy the relaxing, skin-saving benefits of our affordable personal care recipes at home.

Skin types aren't universal, and our homemade personal care recipes reflect a diverse range of needs. Create daily skincare routines for dry winter faces, or emergency treatments for teenage, breakout-prone skin. Luxuriate in relaxing baths and spoil yourself with natural manicures and pedicures. Make your own aluminum-free deodorants and stay cool with hydrating summer mists.

Explore our homemade personal care recipes below, and remember: you can do this!

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  • Orange-Lemon Shampoo

    Orange-Lemon Shampoo

    Make this simple shampoo recipe at home! It has a citrus kick that will make your showers sweet and energizing!

  • Activated Charcoal Salve

    Activated Charcoal Salve

    Charcoal and Fuller’s Earth clay are both renowned home remedies for bug bites, bee stings and splinters. This recipe combines the two ingredients with the healing properties of calendula oil for a concentrated and effective drawing salve.

  • Yummy Yogurt Conditioner

    Yummy Yogurt Conditioner

    This conditioner can easily be made from things you already have in your pantry. Coconut milk, honey, and jojoba oil are treats for your hair.

  • Homemade Face Paint Using Pigment Powders

    Homemade Face Paint Using Pigment Powders

    Inexpensive and non-toxic, this recipe is a great alternative to store bought face paint. Using pigment powders allows you to create a wide variety of vibrant, custom colors for Halloween, birthday parties or other special occasions!

  • Warming Muscle Relief Balm

    Warming Muscle Relief Balm

    For sore, tired muscles, the warming oils in this homemade, simple balm provide soothing relief.

  • Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub

    Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub

    To maintain a healthy glow, your skin needs regular exfoliating and moisturizing. This sugar scrub does both, leaving your skin supple and radiant. It is wonderful as either a face or body scrub, and makes a fragrant holiday gift.

  • Stretch Mark Oil

    Stretch Mark Oil

    This oil contains beneficial ingredients to help deeply moisturize and restore the skin after pregnancy.

  • Tea Tree and Coconut Oil Shampoo

    Tea Tree and Coconut Oil Shampoo

    This easy, homemade shampoo recipe will leave your hair soft and smelling wonderfully. You can even get creative and try out different essential oils

  • Geranium Body Wash

    Geranium Body Wash

    Light and slightly minty, geranium smells wonderful and is so soothing to your skin. With only three ingredients, this body wash is super simple to make!

  • Two-ingredient Lash Conditioning Serum

    Two-ingredient Lash Conditioning Serum

    Castor oil has a long history of therapeutic and cosmetic uses, including helping hair grow. With its high vitamin E content, it strengthens the eyelashes at the roots, encouraging growth. Aloe vera conditions the lashes, keeping them supple and healthy.

  • Vanilla Chai Infused Body Oil

    Vanilla Chai Infused Body Oil

    This delicious smelling body oil makes a luxurious and beautiful holiday gift, and is as simple to make as a pot of tea. Rich in vitamins A, B and E, it nourishes the skin and is lovely used warm.

  • Warming Spice Foot Mask

    Warming Spice Foot Mask

    Power packed with circulation-boosting spices, this foot mask is the perfect way to treat your feet when the weather gets colder. Layer ingredients into a decorative jar and give as a gift for the holidays, or comfort your own toes after long snowy walks.

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