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Milk Kefir Recipes

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Milk kefir is one of the most versatile cultured dairy products you can make at home, and sometimes the cooking options can be daunting. Let our homemade milk kefir recipes be your guide!

From holiday kefir eggnog to a vacation-worth piña colada smoothie, the beverage and flavoring options are endless! Mix things up and make kefir-soaked muffins for a hearty breakfast, or herbed kefir cheese for a sophisticated snack. Make a creamy, cultured waldorf salad to enjoy with your friends, and apple cinnamon kefir ice cream for you family on a lazy weekend.

Explore our homemade milk kefir recipes below, and remember: you can do this!

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  • Soaked Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

    Soaked Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

    Make tastier and healthier blueberry muffins with this recipe! Soaking the flour overnight helps to break it down, making it easier to digest, and producing a fluffier, lighter breakfast muffin.

  • Mango Smoothie

    Mango Smoothie

    Make this refreshing probiotic-rich mango smoothie using milk kefir, yogurt or buttermilk as the base. Non-dairy? No problem! Use coconut yogurt or kefir instead.

  • Basic Fruit Smoothie

    Basic Fruit Smoothie

    Put your yogurt, kefir, or cultured buttermilk to work for you. Make a delicious cultured dairy fruit smoothie for breakfast, snack, or even dessert!

  • Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Kefir Ice Cream

    Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Kefir Ice Cream

    Try this favorite combination of peanut butter and chocolate added to kefir ice cream, for a delightful and probiotic treat!

  • Lemon-Blueberry Kefir Ice Cream

    Lemon-Blueberry Kefir Ice Cream

    This lemon-blueberry ice cream pairs three of the most complementary flavors in the food world into one creamy, rich dessert.

  • Instant Probiotic Smoothie

    Instant Probiotic Smoothie

    Don’t throw out that extra whey drained from Greek-style yogurt or making cheese. It contains lots of nutrients and probiotics and makes delicious smoothies!

  • Chipotle Avocado Kefir Sauce

    Chipotle Avocado Kefir Sauce

    Milk kefir combines well with rich ingredients like sour cream and avocado. It imparts tang and an almost cheesy flavor. Add smoky, spicy chipotle and the extra enzymes and probiotics will add a delicious boost to your savory snack food.

  • Creamy Kefir Black Peppercorn Dressing

    Creamy Kefir Black Peppercorn Dressing

    Creamy with crushed peppercorns, this kefir-based dressing is sure to be a new family favorite. Use it as a dressing or top burgers and other meats with it, for an amazing blend of flavors.

  • Kefir Ranch Dip

    Kefir Ranch Dip

    Make this delicious and creamy probiotic ranch dip; perfect for crackers, vegetables and more!

  • Kefir Cornbread

    Kefir Cornbread

    A regular staple in the southeast, cornbread gets a twist on the traditional by using milk kefir.

  • Kefir Cheese Balls In Olive Oil

    Kefir Cheese Balls In Olive Oil

    Extra milk kefir? Make these delicious cheese balls. They store well and taste amazingly good!

  • Apple Cinnamon Kefir Pancakes

    Apple Cinnamon Kefir Pancakes

    Learn to make amazing Apple Cinnamon Pancakes using milk kefir to make them fluffy and delicious!

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