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Fermented Vegetable, Fruit, & Condiment Recipes

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Lacto-Fermented "Kosher" Dill Pickles
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Lacto-fermentation has been used for generations as a means of preservation, well before its many probiotic benefits were discovered. Explore our fermented vegetables and fruits recipes to find new traditions for you and your family.

Make a batch of flavorful sauerkraut and colorful beet kvass with veggies from your garden or farmer's market. Ferment your salsas and other sides to sneak probiotics and depths of flavor into every daily condiment. And that's just the beginning! Once you start fermenting, there's no turning back.

Explore our fermented vegetable, fruits, and condiment recipes below, and remember: you can do this!

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  • Cortido (Latin American Sauerkraut)

    Cortido (Latin American Sauerkraut)

    If you’ve never tried cortido then you are in for a real treat. It is similar to sauerkraut in that it is a lacto-fermented cabbage but it is a bit more exciting with its flavors from Latin America.

  • Lacto-Fermented Watermelon Rind Pickles

    Lacto-Fermented Watermelon Rind Pickles

    Simple, classic watermelon rind pickles are a great way to use every last bit of everyone's favorite summer treat.

  • Garlicky Kraut

    Garlicky Kraut

    Sauerkraut is an all-time favorite. Make it even more special with the addition of aromatic garlic!

  • Lacto-Fermented Whole Cherry Tomatoes

    Lacto-Fermented Whole Cherry Tomatoes

    You may have used chopped cherry tomatoes in a lacto-fermented salsa or relish, but if you haven’t tried fermenting whole cherry tomatoes then you are in for a real treat.

  • Sweet Potato Fly

    Sweet Potato Fly

    A spiced lacto-fermented beverage reminiscent of a ginger ale or other spicy bubbly beverage

  • Southwestern Lacto-Fermented Carrot Sticks

    Southwestern Lacto-Fermented Carrot Sticks

    If you’ve ever made lacto-fermented carrot sticks then you know how easy it is. In this recipe you’ll get the same quick and easy vegetable ferment with a lovely southwestern twist.

  • Simple Grated Zucchini Kraut

    Simple Grated Zucchini Kraut

    Looking for a way to use an over-abundence of zucchini? Particularly those oversized zucchini's? Learn to make a delicious lacto-fermented zucchini kraut using this simple recipe.

  • Salt-Free Sauerkraut

    Salt-Free Sauerkraut

    Avoiding salt, but want to enjoy sauerkraut? This recipe uses herbal seeds to replace the salt in fermented sauerkraut.

  • Lacto-Fermented Garlic-Dill Carrot Sticks

    Lacto-Fermented Garlic-Dill Carrot Sticks

    A flavorful variety of lacto-fermented carrot sticks, this recipe calls for common pickle spices, making a tasty snack for the entire family.

  • Carrot Kraut

    Carrot Kraut

    This sauerkraut variation is slightly milder than traditional cabbage kraut, and a little sweet, so it is better for more timid palates.

  • Lacto-Fermented Raw Sweet Potatoes

    Lacto-Fermented Raw Sweet Potatoes

    Many lacto-fermented sweet potato recipes are made with cooked and mashed sweet potatoes. Because they are cooked the beneficial bacteria on the skins are killed through the heating process. This raw recipe, leaves the skin intact and encourages natural fermentation to happen with the addition of only flavorings and salt.

  • Pickled Onions

    Pickled Onions

    Replace vinegar pickled onions with natural lacto-fermented onions, for a delicious probiotic addition to salads, snacks, or any meal!

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