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Kombucha Recipes

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Chia Seed Kombucha
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Homemade kombucha is an affordable and delicious source of probiotics, but it can go far beyond a refreshing, bubbly beverage.

Get creative with a variety of sweet and savory flavor ideas. Mix things up and use your kombucha in salad dressings and meat marinades. Make tasty candies and energizing smoothies with your extra SCOBYs.

Know what goes into your family's food, and make it fun with kombucha! Explore our homemade kombucha recipes below, and remember: you can do this!

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  • Kombucha Mocktail

    Kombucha Mocktail

    Make a mocktail using Kombucha Tea. This recipe includes pineapple juice and coconut water, and the alcohol is optional!

  • Elderberry Kombucha

    Elderberry Kombucha

    Elderberries are delicious. Used dry, as in this recipe, they impart a rich, jammy flavor to bubbly kombucha.

  • Apple-Cinnamon Kombucha

    Apple-Cinnamon Kombucha

    Tangy, slightly sweet, spicy, and bubbly, this flavored kombucha is worth the wait.

  • Any Fruit Juice Fizzy Kombucha

    Any Fruit Juice Fizzy Kombucha

    One of the easiest ways to make flavored fruity kombucha is to use fruit juice. Use any juice — store-bought or fresh squeezed.

  • Pumpkin Spice Kombucha

    Pumpkin Spice Kombucha

    This recipe combines a common spice blend – pumpkin pie spice – with a bit of extra kick from fresh ginger to create a spicy fall pumpkin flavor.

  • Clean Green Kombucha

    Clean Green Kombucha

    Everyone knows that leafy green vegetables should be a big part of our daily diet. But when we can't, Clean Green Kombucha helps!

  • Whole Fruit Kombucha Flavors: Orange And Grapefruit

    Whole Fruit Kombucha Flavors: Orange And Grapefruit

    In this recipe whole oranges or grapefruits and a bit of peel or zest come together with homemade kombucha to give great citrus flavor and fun carbonation.

  • Strawberry (Or Any Berry) Kombucha

    Strawberry (Or Any Berry) Kombucha

    Strawberries, fresh and sweet, lend a light fruitiness to kombucha and make a delicious strawberry soda.

  • Chocolate-Raspberry Kombucha

    Chocolate-Raspberry Kombucha

    It is an unlikely combination – kombucha and chocolate – but its uniqueness is what makes it so delicious.

  • Chia Seed Kombucha

    Chia Seed Kombucha

    Make delicious kombucha with chia seeds just like popular commercial beverages, but at a fraction of the cost!

  • Lemon-Ginger Zinger Kombucha

    Lemon-Ginger Zinger Kombucha

    Looking for a refreshing probiotic beverage your family will enjoy? Check out this delicious and easy recipe using the amazing flavors of lemon and ginger!

  • Kombucha Coffee

    Kombucha Coffee

    Use your extra kombucha scoby to culture coffee! Combine your favorite morning beverage with your favorite cultured beverage for an amazingly refreshing drink!

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