Homemade Cheese Recipes

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  • Cabecou


    This French cheese, whose name means “Little Goat,” is shaped into small discs and ripened for only 10 to 15 days, making the cheese mild and rather soft.

  • Italian Parmesan Cheese Crackers

    Italian Parmesan Cheese Crackers

    This simple but clever recipe makes a delicious cracker everyone can enjoy, or a versatile cheese basket to fill with your favorite dip, tapenade, fruit, and more

  • Creamy Kefir Horseradish Dip

    Creamy Kefir Horseradish Dip

    This zesty dip is a wonderful addition to your next party; serve with crackers, bread, or vegetables.

  • Fontina


    This is a great example of a natural-rind cheese. It can be eaten young (called Fontinella), or left to age for a few months for a more sharp, mature taste.

  • Amazingly Simple Amish Clabber Cheese

    Amazingly Simple Amish Clabber Cheese

    This cheese is amazingly simple but very delicious and unique. The cultured flavors are usually a lot more pronounced in a naturally clabbered cheese, and this cheese is no exception. The result is very similar to what is often known as farmer cheese.

  • Traditional Manchego

    Traditional Manchego

    "Manchego is a Spanish cheese from the La Mancha region. Some people will tell you that the only real Manchego cheese is those wheels which are aged in the caves of its originating climate, but this is up to personal opinion.

  • Edam Boule Cheese

    Edam Boule Cheese

    Edam Boules are brined, waxed and aged cheese. This recipe makes homemade hard cheesemaking easy, with step-by-step instructions.

  • Ricotta Salata

    Ricotta Salata

    Ricotta Salata is a dry, salted ricotta that can be eaten while it is still very young . It can be sliced and used as a dessert or garnish cheese, or it may be aged (five weeks or more) and used as a grated cheese.

  • Quick Quark

    Quick Quark

    This is the simplest way to make quark!

  • Sourdough Ricotta-Blueberry Strata

    Sourdough Ricotta-Blueberry Strata

    Tangy, sweet, creamy, and delicious! Get this strata ready the night before and enjoy a hearty but quick breakfast, brunch!

  • Herbed Chèvre Spread

    Herbed Chèvre Spread

    A delicious variation on chèvre cheese!

  • Traditional Quark

    Traditional Quark

    Learn to make traditional quark, a popular German cheese used as a bread spread, substitute for sour cream, or enjoyed like yogurt with fruit and nuts.