Blog_WorkingwithGlutenFreeSourdoughAgain_08.27.15_Shannon_1 I go in and out of sourdough baking and within that little cycle is me cycling through various types of grains. We do wheat sourdough and rye sourdough and gluten-free sourdough, depending on what is needed in our home. While it’s still hot here – and maybe where you are too – it’s getting close to fall which means cozy ovens popping out loaves of warm sourdough bread. Recently I started up the Brown Rice Sourdough Starter and within days it was bubbly and active and being stirred into various loaves and flat breads. Having worked predominantly with wheat as of late, I’m always amazed at how different – and similar – sourdough baking can be, depending on the type of grain. Not to mention how learning of a few basic concepts has made all the difference. Blog_WorkingwithGlutenFreeSourdoughAgain_08.27.15_Shannon_2 Right away you learn all about the wonderful things that gluten does in all types of breads. From sandwich loaves to sourdough biscuits, gluten performs little tricks that we’re not even aware of until we dabble in the world of gluten-free. That’s why it’s really important to learn about the various binders you can use in gluten-free sourdough baking. Maybe even more important than those binders which mimic the act of gluten, are the flours themselves that are combined to create a matrix in which carbon dioxide can be trapped. The combination of binders and the protein, starch, and carbohydrate content of the flours is where this trapping of gas and rising of bread happens. So knowing which flours do what and in what combination to use them is also incredibly helpful. Blog_WorkingwithGlutenFreeSourdoughAgain_08.27.15_Shannon_3 Finally, you can eliminate the frustration that often comes from failed attempts – and believe me, I understand this one – by following some tried and true recipes. While we love quick breads like sourdough pancakes and biscuits, our family is particularly fond of these Light & Fluffy Sourdough Dinner Rolls and this Gluten-Free Whole Grain Sourdough Boule. These recipes truly make missing wheat breads a thing of the past, as do the above forthcoming recipes for Gluten-Free Sourdough Naan Bread, Gluten-Free Sourdough Bagels, and Gluten-Free Sourdough Sandwich Bread.