If you have been brewing kombucha for a while now, you probably have an excess of baby scobys. I do a continuous brew kombucha and brew each batch for a very long time. This results in some huge, and I mean HUGE, scobys. This one measures about 10”-11” in diameter and is about 2”+ thick. When it’s time to put the scoby in fresh sweetened tea, I tear off a chunk of scoby to toss in with the next batch. Yes, just a piece is plenty! I then take the giant scoby and put it into my dehydrator at about 100ºF and dehydrate until it’s thin and leathery. (Warning! Your entire house will smell like kombucha.) Once dried, I cut it into bite size pieces and store in a ziplock bag in my refrigerator. My dog loves her scoby snacks. Blog_SCOBY Snacks_Bonni I’ve even tried them. It’s a bit like a cross between jerky and fruit leather. Not bad! Give it a try!