Don’t think you have time to make sourdough? Don’t want it to over-proof before you can get home from work and bake it? I mean, who can wake up at 2 am to make sourdough cinnamon rolls for an 8 am breakfast? (cause it takes at least 6 hours for both rises…) I thought I would share with you the little trick I recently discovered for making this process a bit easier and hassle free.  Refrigerator Proofing!! I did it for my cinnamon rolls recently and have used it for bread loaves as well. Blog_Refrigerator Proofing for Delaying Your Sourdough Fermentation_Erin_1 Basically, make your dough and let it do it’s first three-hour rise. You can do this after you get home from work. After three hours, either make your cinnamon rolls or bread or whatever you want and then cover and stick it all in the fridge! Blog_Refrigerator Proofing for Delaying Your Sourdough Fermentation_Erin_2 In the morning bake them up! I take the bread or rolls out of the fridge and let them get a bit warmer and rise a little while the oven is preheating. Stick it close to the oven where it is warm. Blog_Refrigerator Proofing for Delaying Your Sourdough Fermentation_Erin_4 You can also leave them in the fridge until you get home again if you want fresh rolls or bread with dinner! Just don’t let it go in the fridge for more than 24 hours.