Some mornings it’s just hard to think about anything. Breakfast seems inconceivable when you open your fridge to see bare shelves. However, I do always have my sourdough starter. *whew*! Pancakes! But wait, I hadn’t fed my starter in a week… could pancakes still be made? On this particular morning, I decided to find out. Blog_Sourdough Starter Pancakes_Erin_1 I used this recipe from the CFH website (except that my starter wasn’t ‘freshly fed’) and substituted honey for the sugar. My starter is about 100% hydration, so I didn’t need any milk at all to get it to the right consistency. Blog_Sourdough Starter Pancakes_Erin_2 I must admit, I have tried using plain starter for my pancake flour in the past and it always produced a rubbery thick pancake. I was wary, but for the sake of a timely breakfast, soldiered on. Blog_Sourdough Starter Pancakes_Erin_3 Then came the magical moment, as I mixed in the baking soda the batter became puffy and bubbly! A reaction between baking soda and the somewhat vinegary acidity of the sourdough starter perhaps? If you have any insight in this, I would love to hear it in the comments below. Blog_Sourdough Starter Pancakes_Erin_4 See how fluffy the batter is?! When I dropped the rounded ice-cream scoop fulls of pancake batter on to the griddle, they immediately became bubbly lacy looking pancakes. Blog_Sourdough Starter Pancakes_Erin_5 They were light, fluffy, slightly sweet and a huge hit with the family! If you are a pancake aficionado, you may refer to these more as crepes, but either way, they were gone in minutes. Breakfast was saved and a new recipe found!