Blog_PlanningtheGardenwithanEyeTowardsLactoFermentationREcipeWinterKaleChips_12.31.13_Anita_1 Winter is a wonderful time to sit in a warm, comfy chair and plan for a garden with wonderful vegetables to ferment!  A garden can also hold a few surprises as ours did this week.  We’ve had our share of winter weather in the last several weeks – snow storms, ice and way below freezing temperatures but there are plants that don’t seem to mind the more chilly weather. We found two kale plants standing proud, covered in snow and decided a batch of kale chips would be a wonderful treat! Blog_PlanningtheGardenwithanEyeTowardsLactoFermentationREcipeWinterKaleChips_12.31.13_Anita_2 When this photo was taken, the kale was dotted with ice from an earlier rain storm that left everything coated in ice when the temperature dropped.  The kale plant didn’t seem to mind the cold at all. The kale chips were made using a small amount of coconut oil, a light dusting of sea salt and set in the dehydrator for 4 hours at 115°F. Next time, I’ll use expeller pressed coconut oil to add a slightly smoky flavor but you just can’t go wrong with coconut oil! Blog_PlanningtheGardenwithanEyeTowardsLactoFermentationREcipeWinterKaleChips_12.31.13_Anita_3 As the old year ends and the new begins, it is time to look forward to spring with all of the wonder and new life it brings.  I plan to do a little more planning with the Lacto-Fermentation e-book and a seed catalog.  It may seem a little backwards to figure out what I want to ferment before cracking open the seed catalog but it seems to work well and the e-book is a great place to start if you’re short on ideas!