I tend to be pretty thrifty, so after coming across a coupon for free organic milk, I planned to make some cheese that didn’t require a culture. It’s basically a curd cheese that is acidified by the juices of lemons and oranges, so no fancy culture or rennet needed. This is not cheddar or blue cheese folks, so don’t expect a miracle…but you can expect a lovely soft cheese that can be eaten right away! I highly recommend Ricki Carroll’s book, Home Cheesemaking…great beginner book!

The Basic Steps

  1. Juice some lemons and oranges
  2. Heat the milk
  3. Stir in juice and let sit
  4. Put the curds into a cheesecloth lined colander
  5. Drain
  6. Salt and enjoy!
  Blog_Making Lemon and Orange Curd Cheese_Jerri_2 Left: Regularly Pasteurized Milk | Right: Fresh Squeezed Oranges. Blog_Making Lemon and Orange Curd Cheese_Jerri_3 Left: Monitoring The Milk Temp. | Right: Adding The Orange And Lemon Juices Blog_Making Lemon and Orange Curd Cheese_Jerri_4 Left: Pouring Cheese Mixture Into Cheesecloth To Strain | Right: Whey Draining From Colander To Casserole Dish Blog_Making Lemon and Orange Curd Cheese_Jerri_5 Left: Dehydrator Functions As A Place To Drain Whey | Right: A Whole Lot Of Whey Check out her book for the exact recipe! By the WHEY, I had a ton of whey from this recipe…Because dairy really isn’t on my diet (but I do indulge once in a while) I gave it away to a friend who could put it to good use. If you need some ideas for uses of whey, here’s a great article! Blog_Making Lemon and Orange Curd Cheese_Jerri_6THE CHEESE!