Blog_Kombucha Root Beer_Julie_1 Blog_Kombucha Root Beer_Julie_2 I am a huge fan of kombucha and the thought of combining the two was so exciting! The recipe essentially has you make a root beer sugar solution that you add to the kombucha for a second fermentation. I’ll admit I was nervous when I saw the sheer amount of sugar that would be going into my kombucha but I have faith in all that live bacteria and that most of the sugar would be consumed! As suggested by the recipe, I planned to leave it to culture for 3 weeks and then placed it in the fridge. The cold slows down the fermentation process but as it turned out, life interfered and I didn’t get to actually try it for another 3 weeks! At that point it wasn’t very sweet which is honestly good news and bad news. While the lack of sweetness made it less root beer-like, it also meant I could consume it without upsetting my digestive tract. Despite being less sweet, I could still taste the root beer herbs and it was quite bubbly. Root beer flavor plus bubbles plus probiotics? I think we have a winner!