Blog_Kefir-Soaked Muesli_05.17.2014_Shannon_1 I think hippy food might be the only way to describe something like this. It’s organic barley flakes fermented in milk kefir and then eaten with fresh fruit and seeds, nuts, or nut butter. But it’s fermented and tangy and delicious and makes for a cool, light breakfast on these hot mornings. That and the fact that it’s dead simple to make have won it a slot in our current favorite breakfasts rotation. Here’s how I make it. Blog_Kefir-Soaked Muesli_05.17.2014_Shannon_2 I’ve used both rolled oats and rolled barley for this recipe, the latter being our favorite. 12-24 hours before serving, I combine goat milk kefir and rolled grains in a jar. This is usually sometime mid-morning. There are two ratios that I’ve found work, depending on your taste preference: For thick, doughy muesli: 3 cups kefir: 2 cups oats/barley For loose, milkier muesli: 3 cups kefir: 1.5 cups oats/barley Blog_Kefir-Soaked Muesli_05.17.2014_Shannon_3 For our hungry family of six, I do about 4 cups of kefir and 2.5 cups of rolled grain in a half-gallon jar. If we are low on kefir, I will top it up with a bit of raw milk to ensure that the grains get full hydrated. I then add the perfect pickler airlock and let it sit on the counter all day. Before heading to bed, I put a regular canning lid and ring on it and then put it into the refrigerator, which currently for us is a cooler. In the morning I serve it up in bowls with fruit, seeds, nuts, or nut butter. Sometimes I will stir in vanilla extract and drizzle with honey.