Several weeks ago I was under the mentorship of a Cultures For Health cheese expert and friend who agreed to teach me how to make feta cheese. Having never made REAL cheese before, I was nervous. Using the feta recipe in Home Cheesemaking by Ricki Carroll, I was taught tricks and given tips on how easy it is to make this cheese. I felt like a kid soaking in the magic.

The steps were fairly easy…could I do it on my own? I braved up last week, and did it! I want to share a few pictures of the main steps with you.


Checking the curd


Cutting the curd



Stirred up curds


Curds ready to drain


Hanging the curds in cheesecloth


Feta after draining

After draining, I simply salted the cheese and let it sit in the fridge to age for 5 days. Oops, by the fifth day, there were only a few chunks of feta left. I have no willpower with cheese!