Blog_Flavored Sourdough Loaves_Erin_4 I have been playing with my super awesome sourdough starter a lot lately! It is so fun to have a starter that is working and active, bubbly and healthy. Doesn’t it look happy? Blog_Flavored Sourdough Loaves_Erin_2 I found a sandwich bread recipe that works really really well for me and have been experimenting with giving my loaves a bit more oomph and fun flavor. And it is so easy! To start, take your favorite sourdough loaf recipe and right before you are ready to shape it and put it in a loaf pan, usually after the first one or two rises, gently stretch it out into a long rectangle shape and top with whatever fun ingredients you choose! Blog_Flavored Sourdough Loaves_Erin_3 This one is an herby cheesy bread. I used fresh herbs, chopped sun dried tomato and a little grated cheese. It made the most delicious savory sandwich bread! Looking for something a little sweeter for some french toast or a PB&J sandwich? Try dousing that rectangle of dough with cinnamon and topping with dates or raisins or any other dried fruits your heart desires! When you have topped your dough, roll it into a tight log and pinch up the sides while you roll so nothing falls out. Then place it into your loaf pan and let it rise until you are ready to bake (mine usually take about 3 hours). Blog_Flavored Sourdough Loaves_Erin_6 Enjoy your beautiful fun flavored breads! I know I do! Blog_Flavored Sourdough Loaves_Erin_5