Blog_Fermented Garlic Cloves_Jerri_08.16.2013_1 Garlic, garlic, garlic! Marveled for its nutritional punch and medicinal properties, who doesn’t enjoy garlic? My garden boxes are full of the one crop I can successfully grow. Now that I’ve won the battle against the squirrels and birds (thanks to laying chicken wire over the top of my beloved cloves) I am delightfully overrun with garlic. There’s nothing like planting them in the winter, watching them poke out of the ground when the weather warms up, and watching them take off like crazy in May! Blog_Fermented Garlic Cloves_Jerri_08.16.2013_2 Then I wait until July or August for harvesting and drying time. Blog_Fermented Garlic Cloves_Jerri_08.16.2013_3 After a few weeks of drying, it’s time to clean them up. Oh so purdy! Blog_Fermented Garlic Cloves_Jerri_08.16.2013_4 But how many bulbs of garlic can one family use? What to do with it all? Spend some time peeling all those cloves, and then FERMENT it baby! Here’s How:
  • Create a brine of 1 cup pure water & 1 TBSP. sea salt.
  • Put all naked cloves into a mason jar or an airlock system like the Fermented Vegetable Master below. Screw the lid on.
  • Ferment for 1 week on your counter, at room temperature.
Blog_Fermented Garlic Cloves_Jerri_08.16.2013_5 Just a note, if you use a mason jar or other apparatus that doesn’t allow for the release of gas, take care to watch your ferment and “burp” the jar periodically. That simply means open the jar carefully to let the gas out, and then screw it back on. Throw these little powerhouse wonders in your cold storage (a.k.a. the fridge in my house) and you’ve got a bit of probiotic paradise to press, chop, roast, stir fry, or eat as is all year long. Yum!