Seed sprouting can be an amazingly easy and effective way to incorporate more raw, enzymatic food into your daily routine. Like many things, having the right tool for the job is what streamlines the process into something that is doable on a regular basis.

So I like to use sprouting equipment that fits with the rest of my kitchen – simple, useful, and easy to clean. That’s why I like these three seed sprouting options.

The Seed Sprouting Jar


This is simply a glass quart jar with a plastic mesh lid. It’s simple to throw in a few tablespoons of sprout seeds, soak them, drain, rinse, and repeat as necessary using this setup. It even comes with seeds to get you started. This size jar is great for salad sprouts or other, larger sprouts in smaller quantities. The larger, half-gallon size jar allows for a larger volume of seeds per batch.

Kitchen Crop Seed Sprouter


This plastic seed sprouter has multiple tiers which can be stacked for simultaneous rinsing and draining. Each tier has a sieve-like bottom to allow for good drainage and airflow. This sprouter allows you to grow multiple varieties of sprouts at the same time or simply several batches of sprouts at various stages. It’s great for larger families like my own and those who like to diversify their sprouting seeds.

The Sprouting Jar Lid


Besides the above two options, I like to use the vast collection of canning jars I already happen to have at home. These jar lids, which fit the wide-mouth jar, can fit my many quart and half-gallon jars. Because we have a larger family, we own quite a few half-gallon jars and they are the perfect size for sprouting larger quantities. That makes these lids a great, inexpensive way to use what we already have.