Who knew a baby scoby could get this thick? We all have crazy lives and sometimes things get forgotten. Fortunately, kombucha is one of those cultures that can go for a while without worry. Well, you will end up with a very vinegary flavor, but as long as you can deal with that… I left mine for so long, over a month, it got super thick! Well, I suppose there is one other issue. My scoby got so thick, it was a struggle to get it out of the vessel. In fact, it took two hands and a lot of effort to force it out. Blog_TheThickestKombuchaScobyEver_05.27.14_Bonni_2 Editor’s Note: I’m pretty sure OSHA regulations require that Bonni wear a hard hat and bright orange vest when handling such a large Scoby… but we won’t tell if you don’t. It did finally give way. That’s a bit big to put back for culturing, don’t you think? ? Here’s what I did… Blog_TheThickestKombuchaScobyEver_05.27.14_Bonni_3 I then added that torn piece back to my brew. See? You don’t need a pretty scoby for brewing, just a chunk will do!