So far in my culturing experience I have only lacto-fermented a few things: cabbage (of course), carrots, and garlic. I’ve been a little nervous to attempt more daring ferments with my summer harvest now finishing up from my garden. Then a few weeks ago I found myself pulling a pile of hot peppers from the plants, which my husband added to our normal selection with no idea they would take off so well!

Not thinking about what to do with all of them, I decided a nice hot sauce for him would be better than trying to add them into our family’s daily meals. I don’t think my two year old would be too happy about that. So, a makeshift verde hot sauce was born from all my serranos, habaneros, anaheims, jalapenos, and a few bell peppers.


I roughly chopped them all into chunks, added a few cloves of garlic, half an onion, salt brine, and a shot of very vinegary kombucha. Stuffed all of it into a quart size mason jar with a stone weight, and I let it ferment for about two weeks, burping the jar every few days at first, then every day towards the end when they got very, very bubbly!

I was surprised how wonderful it smelled, and how ferociously bubbly it became the longer it went. I let it culture until the bubbles relaxed and pressure was no longer building up in the jar. I kept it in the refrigerator for about a week once it was done culturing. Then I was ready for some blending!


I poured off most of the brine liquid, but left about a ¼ cup to get things moving when I went to blend the mix. The result was a great hot flavor that I actually enjoyed as well! My husband has now officially put it on every meal so far this week! I’ll admit, with having two habaneros in the mix I was terrified to try it, but the onions, garlic, and bell peppers really mellowed the heat to a tolerable level instead of an “Am I on fire?” kind of heat.

Now, I’m hoping to try some salsa next, as my tomato plants are starting to explode with plump red little goodies… Lots and lots of tomatoes to come! Sometimes you need to dive right in and try some new recipes, and even make up your own. I’m sure glad I did!