Using a yogurt starter that cultures at room temperature (a.k.a mesophilic starter culture) makes homemade yogurt easy.  Simply add the yogurt starter culture to milk, stir, cover with a towel and leave the homemade yogurt mixture on the counter for 12-18 hours followed by 6 hours in the refrigerator to halt the culturing process.  Room temperature yogurt starter does not require you to heat the milk, wait for it to cool before adding the yogurt starter or keep the mixture at a certain temperature for a period of time.  Room temperature yogurt starter culture also doesn’t require a yogurt maker which means more room in your kitchen! Viili, Filmjolk, Matsoni and Piima yogurt starters all function in this manner. Heirloom variety starters such as our Viili, Filmjolk, Matsoni and Piima cultures have the added advantage that a small amount of each batch can be used to make the next batch.  With proper care, the process can be repeated indefinitely.  No more buying yogurt starter every few weeks! Do you want to make raw milk yogurt?  Room temperature (counter-top) yogurt starter is also the best possible way to make raw yogurt.  Imagine not having to heat your milk to make raw milk yogurt.  Raw yogurt contains all the benefits of raw milk while also having the probiotic bacteria characteristic of yogurt.  What could be better?  Making raw milk yogurt is easy with a room temperature starter.  You will need to heat a small amount of milk (1/2 – 1c.) to use as a yogurt starter (this keeps the bacteria in your raw milk from weakening the yogurt starter over time) but ultimately 15/16 of your finished yogurt will be truly raw yogurt.  This method is far superior to yogurt making methods which require you to heat all your raw milk and/or keep your raw milk warm in an effort to make raw milk yogurt.  It doesn’t get more raw then when using this yogurt making method. Want to learn more about making yogurt?  Click here for Yogurt Making Expert Advice Articles, How-to Videos and Recipes.