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"good book"

good book for starters. Full of facts and interesting.

- FermentMe

Kombucha Rediscovered

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Kombucha Rediscovered

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Popular science writer Klaus Kaufmann discusses the health benefits of kombucha and its historical uses. He also shares personal stories of recovery and rejuvenation, and gives step-by-step instructions for how readers can create their own fermented beverage at home.

  • Author: Klaus Kaufmann, DSc
  • Paperback | 120 pages
  • ISBN #9780920470848 | Published 2013


The tea fungus known as kombucha is celebrated worldwide for its ability to aid digestion, eliminate toxins, support the immune system, and boost energy. Kombucha is fermented in sweetened black tea, a process that converts it into beneficial enzymes, acids, and vitamins. The result is a beverage that’s naturally healthful, tangy, and delicious.

This revised edition of Kombucha Rediscovered includes current information on the absence of glucuronic acid in kombucha, the latest kombucha brews, and the use of white tea and kefir grains as bases to ferment kombucha.



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4 Reviews For "Kombucha Rediscovered"

  1. good book

    by FermentMe on 03 Mon,2014


    good book for starters. Full of facts and interesting.

  2. Was sorry I spent my time and money on this.

    by tapergirl on 03 Sat,2014


    As I had enjoyed Klaus Kaufmann's book "Making Sauerkraut" I tried this one on Kombucha. I found the content of this book is very limited and simplistic rather than thorough and researched. The directions for making Kombucha likewise are very limited. I couldn't pass this book on to any friends I was so dissapointed with it. It got recycled. There are a lot of quotes to Gunter W. Frank's work on Kombucha so I purchased that book (149 pages) and was very pleased and much educated.

  3. An empty book

    by Beatriz on 08 Sun,2012


    I read this book hoping to find some serious facts of the origin and the brewing of the kombucha culture, instead this book left me with a disappointing feeling. The author didn't really research the subject to find its origins and real use in ancient times. He only told me people's vague accounts of what they suppose it does. It almost felt like he was mocking people that are conscious and want to stay away from Walmart's processed white sugar and non organic "Orange Peeko.......... tea". There are so many recipes that you can do and combinations that I never heard. Herbal teas can also be used to enhance their healing properties. But I learned how many thousand of names he could find that people have given it. Not much of a "rediscovery". Absolutely no substance and no valid information in it.

  4. Silly book

    by Warren on 03 Mon,2014


    Empty. Insulting to my intelligence. Misleading. Typical health food deception literature. Lots of suggestions for benefit without one shred of proof.

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  • From Learls at 5/31/2015 6:11 PM
    • What is the recommended amount of Kombucha an adult should consume in a day?
    • I'm sorry, but that is a question we cannot answer and is better asked of your healthcare professional or a licensed nutritionist. To stay in compliance with federal law, we cannot give out medical advice or speculate on the potential health benefits of our products.
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  • From noramarie at 8/30/2013 10:54 AM

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