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Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar - 5 Liters

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Making smaller, quart-sized batches when first brewing kombucha at home can help keep your SCOBY healthy. But what happens when you want to make larger batches of kombucha on a regular basis? 

Introducing the Kombucha Brewing Jar from Mortier Pilon. Designed specifically for continuous kombucha brewing, this crock’s features make it easy to make and store kombucha all in the same jar. Its features include:

  • Glass jar that holds up to 5 liters or 1.3 gallons of liquid.
  • Spigot for easy dispensing.
  • Specially designed lid with cloth filter to allow airflow in both directions.
  • Need help keeping track of brewing time? Use the lid with re-writable label to mark your start dates
  • Holds: 5 liters or 1.32 gallons of liquid
  • Material: Jar made of 100% glass; Outside of the crock made of non-reactive, BPA-free PP plastic
  • Care: Do NOT place in dishwasher. Sterilize with vinegar and luke warm water. Do not use with boiling water to avoid thermal shock.
  • Country of Origin: Manufactured in China and assembled in Canada Box
  • Box Dimensions: 9.2” x 9.2” x 13.8”


How to Make Kombucha with a Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar

  1. Prep container for brewing by rinsing it with warm water and mild soap. (avoid antibacterial soap.) You can also rinse it with distilled white vinegar. Let it dry.
  2. Prepare sweet tea mixture in a separate container using ratios below.
  3. Let tea cool to room temperature and pour it into the brewing container. You’ll need to leave enough space to add starter tea and the SCOBY.
  4. Add the starter tea and SCOBY.
  5. Cover with the lid and use the included pencil to mark the date on the lid’s rewritable label.
  6. Let culture at 68-85°F, out of direct sunlight, for 7-30 days, or to taste. (The longer the kombucha ferments, the less sweet and more vinegary it will taste.)
  7. Drain kombucha out of the spigot as you want to drink it throughout the week, then add more sweet tea at the end of the week OR remove and bottle all but 20% of kombucha at once, then add new sweet tea when you are ready to start brewing again.


Kombucha Ingredient Ratios

  • One-Quart Batch: 1½ teaspoon loose tea OR 2 tea bags | ¼ cup sugar | 2-3 cups water | ½ cup starter tea or vinegar
  • Half-Gallon Batch: 1 tablespoon loose tea OR 4 tea bags | ½ cup sugar | 6-7 cups water | 1 cup starter tea or vinegar
  • Gallon Batch: 2 tablespoons loose tea OR 8 tea bags | 1 cup sugar | 13-14 cups water | 2 cups starter tea or vinegar



The recommended method for cleaning and sterilizing is the same for all Mortier Pilon Fermentation Crocks, Brewing Jars and Canning Jars:

  • DO NOT use boiling water or very hot water and DO NOT put in the dishwasher.
  • Start by rinsing the inside of your Crock or Jar with lukewarm water from the tap.
  • Add in a bit of distilled white vinegar and shake so the vinegar gets all over the inner wall of the Crock or Jar.
  • Turn the Crock or Jar upside down above the sink to get rid of any excess vinegar. You do not need to rinse the remaining vinegar off as it promotes the growth of good bacteria.
  • Should you need to clean the outside of the Crock or Jar, use a damp piece of cloth or paper towel.
  • Please note all utensils and accessories coming into contact with the food before and during fermentation should undergo the Cleaning & Sterilizing process outlined above.
  • This includes the Mortier Pilon ceramic weight if using, along with any utensil used to stir the preparation



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10 Reviews For "Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar - 5 Liters"

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  1. Very attractive and functional

    by Cynde on 06/17/2018


    And it makes perfect kombucha. I use the spigot only for tasting it to see if it is "done" to my taste before bottling.

  2. Too bad

    by Jackie on 05/26/2018


    We got one of the continuous brew jars for the holidays. It worked fine for about three months, then it started to leak and developed mold around the outside. Too bad; it's a great idea whose time has not come.

    Response from CFH: We are sorry to hear this! This seems unusual, so we recommend contacting the actual manufacturer for the best assistance: https://www.mortierpilon.com/customer-service

  3. Awesome

    by Tom on 11/23/2017


    I bought this kit to start making my own kombucha and it tastes great after the first batch! The tap is so convenient to collect the kombucha after it's brewed. Love it!

  4. Lovely

    by Jenny on 11/21/2017


    My scoby is really happy in this jar. I've gotten great results with my brew and I just can't get enough! I really like the kombucha bottles by this company too! Just great!

  5. I love this product.

    by Toni on 08/14/2017


    It made me much less nervous using this for my first batch of Kombucha. Appreciated the recipes and extra info that came with it. The Kombucha turned out great!

  6. this is not what you really want

    by wingear on 07/31/2017


    do your research, this is not the correct type of vessel for making kombucha

    Response from CFH: Thank you for your very honest feedback! We are saddened that it is not meeting your expectations as our other customers and staff for brewing kombucha continuously! Please contact us if you need any assistance.

  7. Pretty!

    by Rebecca on 04/06/2017


    I have not yet had a chance to make kombucha in this because I'm still working on activating my dehydrated SCOBY, but I believe it will be perfect once I start brewing large batches. It also looks great on the set of shelves that I painted and placed against a wall in my kitchen to use specifically for ferments while organizing and displaying associated products and bottles I purchased at Cultures for Health. I love the spout and hope it will come in handy when we have company!

  8. Great

    by Damaemma on 03/11/2017


    I bought this for myself for Christmas. Yes it's a little on the pricey side but it actually brews faster then my other jars. Has a nice convenient spout and its own cover to keeps lil bugs out. And it looks nice on the counter. Pleased with purchase.

  9. Works Great!!!

    by V4 on 02/20/2017


    I bought one for our family as a Christmas gift 2016. It has a nice design to it. We are now on our second batch of kombucha. Our family Loves it! :) I will be purchasing a second one plus the matching glasses with seals to complement it.

  10. Nice appearace. All that picture depicts of product.

    by CW on 01/26/2017


    Pleased with timely delivery of product. Exactly as advertised but have not had a chance to make my first batch of Kombucha. Looks like a good system.

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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Questions on Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar - 5 Liters

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  • From Cher at 10/5/2018 4:27 PM
    • Prefer batch method.. Any reason why I couldn't use it for batch?
    • Yes, you can use this product for the batch method as well!
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Bill Zybach at 6/28/2018 1:17 PM
    • I have a continuous brew, and it has been about 38 days, and not much going on. based on your response to another query: You can certainly use this container! Please follow our instructions for the scoby, not the manufacturer's instructions for kombucha that come with the container. The activation is a full 30 day period in which the scoby will just sit at the bottom of the jar, and appear to do nothing. You will still need to add vinegar as we instruct, and not use the container as a continuous brew just yet.

      Can you direct me to where I can find the information on what to do after 30 days in my continuous brew?

    • You will want to follow the instructions for "Making Kombucha After Activation," using the ingredient chart for "BEFORE" you get a baby SCOBY.

    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Mark Mutter at 4/30/2018 8:07 PM
    • When doing a continuous brew do you have to remove any scoby babies that form after each batch?
    • You do not, unless you of course start to have less room for your tea you want to ferment. :) You can have more than one scoby in a brew.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Dacey at 3/3/2018 2:32 PM
    • I haven't made this so know nothing. I have had one from the store which was carbonated. Is this fizzy out of the jar (or does it gets fizzy) must one bottle it to get fizzy? Is Brita filtered water good enough or would I have to use reverse osmosis? A great way to have tea and if it works well good equipment is worth the price.
    • First off, please note that you'll need to buy the kombucha starter culture or acquire a kombucha SCOBY somewhere else to use this product.

      It is possible for kombucha to fizz on its own without bottling it, but if that doesn't happen, you can follow these instructions: https://www.culturesforhealth.com/learn/kombucha/flavoring-bottling-kombucha/
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Joe at 1/1/2018 11:53 AM
    • During the winter I keep my indoor temperature below 68 degrees. In fact, the temp can sometimes be around 60 degrees. In the past I have used a heating pad or a heating strip to keep the temp of the kombucha at or above 68 degrees, but this is a bit of a hassle and can get a bit old over time. Do you have any suggestions?
    • Hi Joe! Unfortunately the kombucha has to be warm at 68-85. The heating pad or strip is a fantastic idea. You can try some other ideas here: www.culturesforhealth.com/cold-weather-winter-care-starter-cultures-foods
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Jane at 10/4/2017 9:25 PM
  • From Marina at 9/30/2017 7:19 AM
    • What is the spigot made out of?is it plastic?
    • That is made of non-reactive, BPA-free PP plastic.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Debra at 9/1/2017 5:22 PM
    • Can I activate your Kombucha starter in this jar and then add the cooled tea after activation?
    • You can certainly use this container! Please follow our instructions for the scoby, not the manufacturer's instructions for kombucha that come with the container. The activation is a full 30 day period in which the scoby will just sit at the bottom of the jar, and appear to do nothing. You will still need to add vinegar as we instruct, and not use the container as a continuous brew just yet. Contact us if you have any questions!
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Nina Byler at 5/1/2017 1:30 PM
    • This really caught my eye, but the process is a little different than what I am use to. It has it being left out in direct sunlight, as where I have been making mine by keep it in the dark 7 to 10 days. So I am a little confused. Why is that??
    • Your kombucha does not have to be secluded in the dark. Just watch that having it in direct SUNLIGHT is not the case, as that would heat up your brew and cause problems since it should never be warmer than 85ºF. You can make kombucha either way.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Peggy at 4/8/2017 9:47 AM
    • Can the continuous brew kombucha Jar be used to make water keifer?
    • Although the Continuous Brew Kombucha Jar would work beautifully for dispensing finished kefir, we do not generally recommend using a continuous culturing method with water kefir grains.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No

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