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How-To Videos for Making Cultured Food

Learn how to make cultured food from the comfort of your own home by using the following How-To videos. To jump ahead to a specific section, click on the links below.


Yogurt          Sourdough          Kombucha          Milk Kefir          Water Kefir


Benefits of Cultured Foods

What you put into your body matters. At Cultures for Health, we encourage you to try to live healthy by offering you tips, advice, recipes, and information on the many benefits of preparing cultured foods at home.

Learning to make cultured foods at home is not only easy; it's cost-effective and healthy, giving your family more options to control the ingredients that go into your food preparation.


How to Make Yogurt 

Learning how to make yogurt at home is easy. Take a look at the following videos to view easy instructions for making a variety of different cultured yogurts. Learn to make yogurt using a Direct-Set Yogurt Starter, how to make Villi Yogurt, and more!



How to Use Direct-set Yogurt Starter

  How to Use Raw Milk with a 
Direct-set Yogurt Starter


How to Make Bulgarian Yogurt



How to Make Greek Yogurt

How to Make Piima



How to Make Matsoni Yogurt

How to Make Filmjolk Yogurt


How to Make Viili Yogurt


How to Make Sourdough

Sourdough is a method of procuring wild yeast to leaven baked goods. Methods of making sourdough have been around for centuries, dating back to ancient times. You can read more about sourdough here.  

How to Activate a Sourdough Starter


How to Feed and Care For a Sourdough Starter

How to Make Sourdough Bread


How to Make Milk Kefir 

Made with milk kefir grains or a powdered kefir starter culture, milk kefir is a delicious probiotic drink that can be enjoyed plain or flavored. There is also a wide variety of recipes using milk kefir ranging from beverages to desserts, snacks, and more.

How to Activate Dehyrated Milk Kefir Grains


How to Make Milk Kefir

How to Flavor Milk Kefir Using a Second Fermentation


How to Make Water Kefir  

Made with water kefir grains  and sugar water, fruit juice, or coconut water, water kefir is a great non-dairy alternative to milk kefir, and it can be used to make a wide range of delicious, lactose-free recipes and beverages.

How to Activate Dehydrated Water Kefir Grains


How to Make Water Kefir

How to Flavor Water Kefir


How to Make Water Kefir Lemonade


How to Make Kombucha

With just five ingredients, learning how to make Kombucha is easy. Make a variety of Kombucha recipes, ranging from drinks to condiments, desserts and entrées!

How to Activate a Dehydrated
Kombucha Culture


How to Make Kombucha Tea


How to Flavor Kombucha Tea