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DIY Gift Ideas for Men


  Shaving Cream: DIY Gift Ideas for Men   DIY Gift Ideas for Men   DIY GIft Ideas for Men  
 DIY Gift Guide

Making homemade gifts for the men in our lives doesn’t need to feel intimidating. Here are some great recipes for practical products they will actually appreciate and use.

Explore the following ideas:

Shaving and Grooming Essentials | For the Active Man | For the Outdoorsman


Please note that some of our products require particular storage conditions. Please refer to specific recipe pages to ensure appropriate storage of DIY products when gifting!  


Shaving and Grooming Essentials

Whether they use a straight razor or one with a disposable blade, shaving is a regular part of most men’s routine. These natural products will help keep sensitive skin free of irritation and razor burn. Pair these products with a new razor, hand towel, sharpening stone or strop for a shaving themed gift basket.

   Sandalwood Shaving Cream  

 Sandalwood Shaving Cream has an earthy, warm scented lather men will love.




 Cedar and Sage Infused Aftershave will remind them of the high desert forest.

   Cedar and Sage Infused Aftershave  
   Beard Balm  

 Looking for a gift for a bearded fellow? Try this easy Beard Balm, also scented with cedarwood and sage. Combine with a nice comb and beard trimming tools to cover all the beard grooming essentials.

   Texturizing Hair Pomade    

For grooming the manly mane, this Texturizing Hair Pomade can help add body and style, or tame a troublesome cowlick. Alternately, try the Herbal Hair Gel, scented with lemon balm and eucalyptus, to boost shine and tame frizz.



 Herbal Hair Gel  
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For the Active Man

Whether they play sports, lift weights or have physically demanding jobs, most men will appreciate a gift to help soothe tired, aching muscles. Pair salves with some new athletic gear or clothing.  

   Warming Muscle Relief Balm  

Try the Warming Muscle Relief Balm, with therapeutic essential oils to help relax and ease those aches and pains. For a less scented option, make up a batch of herbally infused Arnica Salve.

  Homemade Arnica Salve  

For a more romantic gift, try the Customized Massage Oil and choose from a variety of carrier oils and essential oils, such as fir balsam or tea tree oil. Pair with a coupon for a personal massage, or a massage roller ball or stick.

   Customized Massage Oil  
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For the Outdoorsman

Help them feel prepared by putting together some helpful items for their next outdoor adventure. A homemade first-aid kit or emergency preparedness bag can be put together from scratch or easily purchased online.

   Calendula and Olive Leaf Healing Salve   Calendula and Olive Leaf Healing Salve for soothing scrapes and cuts.  
  Activated Charcoal Salve for soothing bug bites, bee stings and splinters.    Activated Charcoal Salve  
   Soothing Herbal Burn Salve   Herbal Burn Salve for soothing minor burns.   

Evergreen Infused Salve for soothing splinters or wound care.

  Evergreen Infused Salve  
   Hand Sanitizer Spray  

A few more practical additions for the outdoor lover are Hand Sanitizer Spray and Catnip Geranium Bug Repellant.

   Catnip Geranium Bug Repellant  
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