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DIY Gift Idea: Homemade Spa Gift Basket


DIY Gift Idea: Homemade Spa Gift Basket

DIY Gift Guide

Try this DIY gift idea for those in your life who enjoy a little pampering. Give the gift of an at-home spa treatment with these holiday-themed DIY recipes! Pair with plush towels, loofahs, Ayate cloths and a couple of candles. The entire basket can be made in a few hours as most of these recipes involve little more than measuring and mixing a few ingredients.

Epsom Salts Bath Snow Globes  

Epsom Salts Bath Snow Globes

These magical snow globes make a sparkly centerpiece for a gift basket. Packed into clear fillable ornament balls, they can be hung on their tree, then poured into a therapeutic bath once the tree comes down.


Solstice Body Wash

A jar or bottle with a pump top is ideal for this brightly scented winter body wash. Filled with nothing but natural ingredients, it will not strip the skin with harsh chemicals, yet still foams and lathers on cue.


Solstice Body Wash Recipe  
  Cranberry Cheesecake Scrub Cubes  

Cranberry Cheesecake Scrub Cubes

Silicone ice cube molds work perfectly to make these sweet exfoliating cubes. Pour ingredient mixture into molds, let set and pop cubes into a small decorative jar.


Gingerbread-Spice Bath and Body Oil 

A luxurious body oil scented with essential oils is perfect for sealing in moisture after a hot soak. The seasonal spices not only smell delicious but are beneficial to the skin. The body oil can also be used as a sultry and muscle warming massage oil.

  Gingerbread Spice Bath and Body Oil  


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