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DIY Gift Guide


DIY Gift Guide | Homemade Gifts to Make Your Friends and Family

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From perfume to wine, explore our list of DIY projects for some inspiration for homemade gifts this holiday season.


Please note that some of our products require particular storage conditions. Please refer to specific recipe pages to ensure appropriate storage of DIY products when gifting!  

   DIY Gift Idea: Winter Facial Gift Basket  

DIY Gift Idea: Winter Facial Gift Basket

Dry air and biting wind can wreak havoc on the complexion. Mix up a handful of easy DIY recipes to give the gift of a rejuvenating, at-home facial. Include a nice headband for keeping hair back from the face, some cotton cosmetic pads and a soft eye mask.


DIY Gift Idea: Winter-Themed Body Care Basket

Gift a basket full of sweet, seasonal recipes to care for dry skin this winter. Include some edibles inspired by the scents of these body care products, such as peppermints, cinnamon cocoa mix, candy canes and salted or spiced almonds.

  DIY Gift Idea: Winter-Themed Body Care Basket  
   DIY Gift Idea: Homemade Spa Gift Basket  

DIY Gift Idea: Homemade Spa Gift Basket

Try this DIY gift idea for those in your life who enjoy a little pampering. The entire basket can be made in a few hours as most of these recipes involve little more than measuring and mixing a few ingredients.


DIY Gift Idea: Pedicure-Themed Gift Basket

Winter is the season for slowing down and taking time to relax in the warmth of your home. Combine these homemade foot pampering products with a pair of super soft socks, nail files and polish for a thoughtful pedicure themed gift.

  Pedicure-Themed Gift Basket  
   DIY Gift Ideas for Men  

DIY Gift Ideas for Men

Making homemade gifts for the men in our lives doesn’t need to feel intimidating. Here are some great recipes for practical products they will actually appreciate and use. 


10 Holiday Gifts Using Essential Oils

Essential oils have a wide variety of uses and can be incorporated into many different products. Use this guide to find the right DIY gift for everyone on your list.

  10 Gifts Using Essential Oils  
   Cleansing Facial Grains  

5 Easy Gifts for Children to Make 

Children love the feeling of accomplishment when they participate in gift making. The following recipes are safe and fun, involving mixing, scooping and measuring but no stovetop heating. Friends and family are sure to appreciate these sweet, handmade presents.


DIY Gift Idea: Whipped Green Tea Body Butter

With only four ingredients, this body butter recipe is simple to make for friends and family. Antioxidant-rich green tea provides support for skin that can get worn down in the cold, dry winter months.

  Whipped Green Tea Body Butter Recipe  
  Botanical Solid Perfume Recipe  

DIY Gift Idea: Botanical Solid Perfume

Forget synthetic neurotoxins used in the perfume industry, this perfume is formulated with all-natural body and mood enhancing ingredients. You can customize the fragrance with essential oils to fit your friend's favorite scents. Just remember to multiply the recipe if you are making gifts for a handful of people.

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DIY Gift Idea: Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are a great way to exfoliate and moisturize skin, especially during the dry, cold winter months. Try making this Basic Sugar and Salt Body Scrub for those that like to keep things simple or create a Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub for anyone that enjoys a little kick of citrus! Really in the holiday spirit? Use our Candy Cane Sugar Scrub recipe for a festive scrub that looks and smells good enough to eat!

  Basic Sugar and Salt Body Scrub Recipe  
  Warming Bubble Bath Recipe  

DIY Gift Idea: Warming Bubble Bath

Whether you have kids or are just young at heart, there’s just something special about a warm bubble bath. Spread some bubbliness this season by mixing up a warm bubble bath recipe. We have two to choose from: Warming Bubble Bath OR Lavender Hops Bubble Bath.

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DIY Gift Idea: Cinnamon Cedarwood Lotion Bar

We can’t get enough of our Cinnamon Cedarwood Lotion Bar recipe and want you to enjoy it too! A lotion bar is a simple concoction that emulsifies beeswax, nourishing fats, and butters. These ingredients penetrate the skin to moisturize while maintaining a clean but lasting finish due to the beeswax and shea butter. This warm combination of essential oils is perfect for winter. Save 10% on supplies automatically when you purchase the lotion bar bundle!


 Cinnamon Cedarwood Lotion Bar Recipe  
   Why We Brew at Home  

DIY Gift Idea: Beer

Creating a unique gift is only one of several reasons Why We Brew at Home. Mangrove Jack's Brewery Pouches can help you craft 6 gallons of beer to share with your family and friends.

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DIY Gift Idea: Wine

From ingredient kits and fermentation equipment to bottles, corkers, and books, we provide several options for you to make wine at home.

   Wine Corks  
  Bath Salts  

DIY Gift Idea: Bath Salts

The holidays can be a busy time, so why not help your friends and family relax a bit? Both our Mineral Rich Bath Salts and Relaxing Bath Salts recipes make a soothing addition to any bath. Highly-therapeutic and relaxing, these salts are easily absorbed through the skin and offer a wealth of benefits. Package them in a glass jar and tack on some ribbon for peaceful and pretty present!


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DIY Gift Idea: Peppermint Foot Rub

Pamper your friends with our soothing Peppermint Foot Rub cream. After a long day, sometimes there is nothing better than a soothing foot massage. The cooling, pain relieving properties of peppermint essential oil help ease tired feet and welcome the end of the day.

  Peppermint Foot Rub Cream Recipe  
  Gardener's Calendula Hand Salve Recipe  

DIY Gift Idea: Homemade Skin Care Products

Body butters, lotions, creams, and salves - any of these homemade, skin care products make a fun treat for friends and family. The Gardener’s Calendula Hand Salve is a CFH favorite, but be sure to check out our collection of DIY Skin Care Recipes for more inspiration. Tins, jars, and bottles are perfect for holding your creations.

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DIY Gift Idea: Bath Bombs

Effervescent and fragrant, Rainbow Bath Fizzies are a perfect gift for all the bath lovers on your list! All it takes is a little mixing, spritzing and pressing into the molds of your choice, and you’ll have dozens of colorful treats for stocking stuffers or gift baskets. They are also fun to make with kids!

  Rainbow Bath Fizzies Recipe  
   Homemade Soap Recipes  

DIY Gift Idea: Homemade Soap

Creating whimsical, homemade soap is easier than ever with these soap recipes. Soapmaking with with lye and fat can be messy and dangerous if not done correctly. With our melt and pour soap recipes, you can melt, mix, and pour your way to sweet-smelling handmade soap that you and your friends will love.

Looking for a bar soap alternative? Try one of our foaming, liquid hand soap recipes. They're so easy to make, even kids can join in the fun!


DIY Gift Idea: Cider

Brewing cider is a snap with a cider brewery pouch, a few basic pieces of homebrewing equipment, and 3 to 4 weeks of waiting time. You can find the needed equipment in individual pieces at your local brewing shop, or purchase a kit like the Deluxe or Standard Brewcraft USA's Homebrewers Starter Kit.


How to Brew Hard Cider

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