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Just had to tell you... I received my kefir grains kit last week from you and today made my first kefir drink--a mango smoothie.  Super simple--just kefir, mango, and ice cubes.  So delicious and fresh-tasting!  Thank you for a terrific website and videos to hold my hand into a new adventure.  No longer any need to pay $4-5 quart for store-bought kefir. Deborah, TN


Thanks so much for all of your help! Your customer support has been wonderful. Meg, Virginia

In spite of myself, you're drawing me in - to a healthier lifestyle, I hope. Thanks! Stephanie

The milk kefir grains grew very fast and the kefir tastes so delicious. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery too! I love your company and the how-to videos. Annette, Idaho

Thanks for your assistance.  I'll keep you updated and may have further questions.  Love your website and super customer care. Bill, CA

Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that my water kefir second ferment turned out a perfect product! Thanks for all your help last week! I will be bragging about my skills and your amazing customer service all over Facebook today! Corrina

I made it. Tempeh is so beautiful and has a nutty aroma. Thank you very much for your kind assistance. Cheers, Sandy

You guys are always so helpful. Really great to have you here while navigating culturing! Sarah via Live Chat

Just wanted y'all to know how fantastically helpful your information is. Been working for a long time on kimchi and other cultures for a long time, and although successful, it has been difficult. Now with the new eBooks just downloaded, you've made it simple! The art and science combined, taking all the trial and error out, well, maybe not all, but you have made it so much easier! Thnx so very, very much! Y'all rock! Your website is totally awesome - I'm just so excited! Heading out to the kitchen right now! Dawn

Good Morning, I just wanted to congratulate you for your service. I got my order almost right away... I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Regards, Anton, TX

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your informative site. I have earmarked it as a good place to start when I finally decide to FERMENT some veggies ! .... and the Kombucha info was great. You need to tell your webmaster that they are doing a great job......you know, webmasters are usually underappreciated. Dia 

I love your website.  Especially the videos.  They are very informative for a novice such as myself.  My son attended the Culinary Institute Cordon Bleu and he is enjoying your sourdough starters.  He lives in Taiwan now.  In fact, he recently ordered more items (that were sent to my home address) and I will be mailing priority mail to him tomorrow. Thanks again. Truly appreciate your quick response. Jan, Washington

I am now making Kefir at home and am happy I can make full fat, organic Kefir in any flavor we desire. I feel better drinking Kefir daily. The thickest, most flavorful Kefir I’ve made was with raw dairy milk (following the special instructions on CFH). I was timid about trying to culture Kefir again and mistakenly got confused while doing Filmjolk in the same month. Though both processed on the counter they require different feeding schedules. Online chat supported me awesomely along the way. I no longer need to purchase sour cream or buttermilk and am learning all about the health benefits and tasty ways to use whey. (A byproduct of straining either of these cultures.) Buying just two cultures and learning on this website have opened a new way to work in my kitchen and make good gut bacteria (probiotics) at home. PlatOR

I love your store, your site, the starters I have purchased have been excellent, sourdough, cheese,yogurt. I really appreciate your free ebooks , you got me going on kombucha . I recommend you to everyone I meet that are interested in a healthier natural life style. Oh did I mention the chat response is prompt and helpful . Sincerely, Theresa, Kansas

You dudes have opened my mind to a whole new world of not having to break the bank for organic and healthy foods! You also make doing it easy, and safe! By far one of the raddest companies I know! Nick

After tasting, I never could get the awesome experience of Filmjolk off my mind. I ordered both, Kefir and Filmjolk starters and began making Filmjolk in 2015. Great choice as the flavor and ease make Filmjolk a great place to start. Not liking tart or sour, I much preferred the flavor of Filmjolk. There is no need to sweeten or add fruit to this yogurt (though I sometimes do so anyway). This has less good bacteria (2) than Kefir (has the most good bacteria, 20-30). Both cultures are mesophilic (able to culture without heat, on your kitchen counter) but Filmjolk only requires weekly attention whereas Kefir is daily. Every question one might incur can be found on this website. If you stumble, the web chat is here to direct you to the links you need, here on CFH, but may not find as readily as they can. CFH is a cream of the crop company, like a friend (with a PhD in culturing) that has an interest in your health and success.  PlatOr

I've placed my order and so excited to try brown rice sourdough!  The coupon worked fine.  Thank you so much for taking me through the process, I seemed to require a lot of your time and I do appreciate your responsiveness.  I'm glad I didn't just "fade away", and I learned a lesson... to reach out for customer support when things aren't going well with a product.  In the past many companies haven't been as responsive to inquiries or issues and I tend not to bother (or return to the company). Customer for life,  Shawna, TX

Just a quick note. I've just got my 3rd kefir culture started and it is by far the most vigorous. The second culture I kept going for over 9 months but it sort of petered out, finally shrinking down to a small thing. My wife calls my kefir my "kitchen pet." It definitely is a living thing. Anyway, I've been very satisfied and just wanted to say thanks. Leland, Missouri


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