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What Our Customers are Saying

Just to let you know how much I appreciated the chat with Jerri, personable and professional. Give her a raise! Pat Burt www.patburt.com (true story)

I just want to thank you for all the awesome and FREE(!) information that you have provided in your ebooks. They are well-written and very informative. I can't wait to try some of the recipes, some are very intriguing. I will definitely keep you in mind if/when I need to order supplies, and when making new converts to the cultured food revolution. Way to go! Cheryl

Thank ya'll so much I've never gotten better help from customer support anywhere! Nick, VA

Thank you for your interest and reply. I have had nothing but good results from and business conducted with Cultures for Health. Most amazing of all is the Live Chat. I've had numerous questions about making cheese and culturing with kefir and all have been answered promptly and satisfactorily. Keep up the good work! Dianah, TX

Thanks so much for making these resources available complimentary...I am so busy with my business I don't always have the time or energy to take advantage of making my life more healthy. Saving your resources allows me to learn as much as I can squeeze in without feeling as if I've spent money I'm not using...thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Donna

Thank you! Now that I know exactly what my temperatures are in my dehydrator, I feel pretty confident of making raw yogurt now. This was going way above what was required and it puts your company high up in my books of companies who not only offer a quality product, but back their products up with outstanding customer service and I will have absolutely NO hesitation on recommending your company. Thank you again for all your patient assistance.  Cathy, IL

Just had to tell you... I received my kefir grains kit last week from you and today made my first kefir drink--a mango smoothie.  Super simple--just kefir, mango, and ice cubes.  So delicious and fresh-tasting!  Thank you for a terrific website and videos to hold my hand into a new adventure.  No longer any need to pay $4-5 quart for store-bought kefir. Deborah, TN


Thanks so much for all of your help! Your customer support has been wonderful. Meg, Virginia

In spite of myself, you're drawing me in - to a healthier lifestyle, I hope. Thanks! Stephanie

The milk kefir grains grew very fast and the kefir tastes so delicious. Thanks so much for the speedy delivery too! I love your company and the how-to videos. Annette, Idaho

Thanks for your assistance.  I'll keep you updated and may have further questions.  Love your website and super customer care. Bill, CA

Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that my water kefir second ferment turned out a perfect product! Thanks for all your help last week! I will be bragging about my skills and your amazing customer service all over Facebook today! Corrina

I made it. Tempeh is so beautiful and has a nutty aroma. Thank you very much for your kind assistance. Cheers, Sandy

You guys are always so helpful. Really great to have you here while navigating culturing! Sarah via Live Chat

Just wanted y'all to know how fantastically helpful your information is. Been working for a long time on kimchi and other cultures for a long time, and although successful, it has been difficult. Now with the new eBooks just downloaded, you've made it simple! The art and science combined, taking all the trial and error out, well, maybe not all, but you have made it so much easier! Thnx so very, very much! Y'all rock! Your website is totally awesome - I'm just so excited! Heading out to the kitchen right now! Dawn

Good Morning, I just wanted to congratulate you for your service. I got my order almost right away... I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Regards, Anton, TX

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your informative site. I have earmarked it as a good place to start when I finally decide to FERMENT some veggies ! .... and the Kombucha info was great. You need to tell your webmaster that they are doing a great job......you know, webmasters are usually underappreciated. Dia 

I love your website.  Especially the videos.  They are very informative for a novice such as myself.  My son attended the Culinary Institute Cordon Bleu and he is enjoying your sourdough starters.  He lives in Taiwan now.  In fact, he recently ordered more items (that were sent to my home address) and I will be mailing priority mail to him tomorrow. Thanks again. Truly appreciate your quick response. Jan, Washington


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