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Culture Collections

Culture Collections You Make at Home

Culture Collections
  • Beginner's Collection

    Make kombucha, Greek yogurt, and fresh cream cheese. Great for beginners!

    Regular Price: $50.97

    Special Price $45.87

  • Cultured Drinks Collection

    Get acquainted with cultured beverages by making milk kefir, water kefir, and kombucha!

    Regular Price: $53.97

    Special Price $48.57

  • Baker's Culture Collection

    Get baking with our versatile San Francisco Sourdough Starter, and two dairy cultures that will take your recipes to the next level!

    Regular Price: $35.97

    Special Price $32.37

    Baker's Culture Collection


    "Nearly everything to get baking."

    The sourdough starter took off quickly and produced a great crusty loaf! It is far easier to care for than kefir. I highly recommend feeding twice a day for a good healthy starter. The buttermilk is super easy to culture and can be a continuous culture similar to yogurt. I love using sour cream in cheesecake and a special pound cake recipe I have. It too is easy to culture and tastes fantastic! Making these baking Staples at home is easy and no additives are used making them far healthier. I highly recommend this baking set for everyone!

    - Joanne

  • Cheese Lover's Collection

    Three of our favorite cheese cultures & kits. Great for all levels!

    Regular Price: $41.97

    Special Price $37.77