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"Great purchase ! "

I am so so happy with this purchase. I've used the entire set already and ivs hardly had it for a month. It's true to its word that it makes fermenting so much easier. I made sauerkraut and didnt even get my hands dirty with the wooden handle--I think I massaged it with that for about 4 minutes Til...

- Ivonne

Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

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You Can Do This

When you buy this product you get FREE ACCESS to: 200-page Lacto-Fermentation eBook including 64 recipes plus our knowledge base.



The Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit from Masontops includes nearly everything you need to ferment at home. Combine the Pickle Pipe waterless airlock with a Pickle Pebble in a wide-mouth mason jar to keep your ferments oxygen-free. The Pickle Packer completes this fermentation trifecta. (Mason jars and bands not included).

  • Each kit includes a set of 4 Pickle Pebbles PLUS (glass fermentation weights for wide-mouth jars), a set of 4 Pickle Pipes (waterless airlocks) for Wide-Mouth Mason Jars, and a Pickle Packer Vegetable Tamper.
  • Pickle Pebble Fermenting Weights help keep your vegetables submerged under the brine (more details below).
  • Pickle Pipes automatically vent fermentation gases without allowing oxygen in to spoil your ferments (more detail below).
  • The Pickle Packer pounds cabbage effortlessly and tightly packs veggies in your jar (more details below).


More About the Pickle Pebbles PLUS

  • Dimensions: Diameter: 2 3/4 inches | Thickness: 3/4 inch
  • Materials: Made of lead-free, food-grade, non-porous, and non-iridized soda glass (verified ferment-safe and lead-free)


More About the Pickle Pipes

  • Set of 4 waterless, self-sealing, one-piece fermentation airlocks
  • The one-way valve design vents off gas created during fermentation, without allowing oxygen to enter the jar.
  • Works with any wide-mouth mason jar and band (band not included)
  • Materials: Made of Silicone | BPA and Phtalate Free
  • Care: Clean before each use | Dishwasher Safe | Ensure Pickle Pipe is dry before storing.


More About the Pickle Packer Vegetable Tamper

  • Materials: Made from all natural, untreated acacia wood. Renowned for its strength, and both sustainable and eco-friendly | Verified ferment-safe and lead-free.
  • Dimensions: Length: 10 inches | Wide End Width: 2.5 inches | Small End Width: 2 inches
  • Designed to fit into both regular-mouth and wide-mouth mason jars (one end for each jar)
  • Care: Hand wash in warm soapy water only | NOT dishwasher safe | To extend the life of this product, oil it occasionally using food-safe mineral oil | Avoid letting the pickle packer stand in water.


Please note that this kit does NOT include mason jars and screw bands.



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10 Reviews For "Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit"

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  1. Looks wonderful!

    by JoJo on 05/27/2018


    Haven't used it yet but it looks great! All the items are very high quality and I can't wait to try it out. I'll update once I do. I have to say that the packaging is absolutely gorgeous too! I think it would make a marvelous gift.

  2. Easy Way to Start

    by Nancy on 02/26/2018


    I've tried making sauerkraut in a bowl with a plate on it before, but this kit made it so much simpler and safer. I made the white kimchi recipe that came with the kit, and it was delicious. (All taste testers thought it was better than the store-bought kimchi that we compared it with.) I'm now waiting for my sauerkraut and gingered carrots to finish fermenting. I loved making my own sauerkraut with red cabbage, which is so much more beautiful than the ghostly white cabbage one can buy in the store. All three recipes I have tried came from the easy-to-follow and beautifully illustrated booklet that came with the kit.

    In addition to the ease and simplicity of packing and fermenting with the contents of the kit, I like being able to see what's going on with the fermentation through the clear Mason jar, which you can't do with a crock. I think this kit would be a great gift for someone who likes to make food from scratch or who likes to preserve food from their garden.

  3. fermentaion kit

    by re on 02/09/2018


    very nice. if you want to give a healthy gift, this is the one to give.

  4. Complete Homesteading Kit!

    by Felecia on 09/04/2017


    I couldn't be happier. I love this whole kit, and was so excited to receive it that I made sauerkraut the same day it arrived. The book has easy to follow instructions, and the tools are very high quality. The packaging was too big to keep in my kitchen as is, so I cut out and kept the foam part to store the pickle pebbles when not in use. I'm so happy I bought this kit, and I will be getting another one for best friend's birthday present!

  5. great

    by rob on 08/18/2017


    This is my first time fermenting and this kit made the process so easy! I would recommend this to anyone who is a beginner fermenter,gives you the confidence to jump right in and ferment! Thanks for a great product. It came within a few days after ordering,thank,Cultures for Health! I definetly will be a repeat customer.

  6. Love my kit

    by Iteach5 on 08/07/2017


    Great product! I store all my supplies in the handy box between ferments. Thankfully, I got it for twenty percent off as it is a bit pricey. However, the quality is excellent.

    So far I have made sauerkraut, dill pickles, cherry chutney, and beets with my kit. It's easy , and I am so glad to get fermented foods into my diet. I am planning to do sweet pickles today (recipe from The Complete Idiot's Guide--great resource). By the way, if you do the cherry chutney from The Complete Idiot's Guide, leave out the mint. It overpowers everything else.

    I recommend this kit for small batch fermenting.

  7. Great Kit

    by Minoffin on 01/29/2017


    I made a very tasty kimchi, using my own recipe, on my first try.

  8. Useful in Fermenting at Home

    by Lou on 01/12/2017


    This set came very nicely packaged in a good size box, with all the items neatly nestled in styrofoam padding.
    Though the price is a bit outrageous, I find value in having these useful tools in making ferments at home. The glass weights truly help with the headache of keeping things submerged,, and the silicone burpers are a nifty idea.
    Overall very pleased with the purchase...

  9. Very nice

    by Kathi on 12/31/2016


    Packaged very nicely. Great innovation. Good instructions

  10. What I needed to get started.

    by Candy on 12/30/2016


    The items were of good quality. For a beginner, easy to use and my first batch of cucumbers turned out fine. Waiting on the carrots as they take longer. I think I will get great use out of items. Thank you.

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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Questions on Complete Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

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  • From ann at 10/14/2018 6:58 PM
    • does the complete Mason Jar kit come with : salt and starter? since it says "complete" and reading the reviews - guess I do not need anything else? thank you
    • This kit does not contain ingredients such as salt (or vegetables), but it contains all the equipment needed to create fermented vegetables.
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  • From Tina at 4/15/2018 7:50 AM
    • does this kit include the actual recipe book or only the ebook with recipes.
      Thank you
    • This product comes with free ebooks, however no printed recipes. We also have hundreds of free printable recipes on our website.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Chris Herrmann at 8/26/2017 10:10 AM
    • Hello, I used my pickle pipes for the the first time to make kraut and a vacuum was created in each jar. One of the pickle pipes lids was sucked into the jar. What may have happened? Is this normal for it to have a vacuum? The first week of the process the lids bulged out but then the vacuum. Thanks.
    • You will want to make sure that you pinch the tip of the valve on the Pickle Pipe to separate the opening, this way the one-way valve will be opened and the gas if vented off helping to reduce that vacuum effect!
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  • From J.ITO at 5/18/2017 10:05 AM
    • Do u also have the lids for small mouth
    • Unfortunately no, this kit only comes with items for wide-mouth jars.
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  • From crystal at 5/8/2017 9:25 AM
    • how do you get the glass weights out when done. also does the burping lid thing prevent me from need in the weight when storing ferment after its completed.
    • To get the weights out, simply use clean fingers to remove the weights. If they've fallen a bit, try a clean wooden spoon to ease them back up and out.

      You don't need the weight when storing the ferment in the fridge. Push the veggies as far down under the brine if you can, so that you don't get a dried out layer while in the fridge (but it won't be harmful).
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  • From Elizabeth at 12/2/2016 8:46 AM
    • Are these for small mouth or large mouth canning jars?

      thank you
    • These are for wide mouth canning jars.
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