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Rennet & Ingredients

Real Cheese Rennet & Ingredients

Add to your cheese making repertoire with these high-quality, tried-and-true rennets, lipases, acid coagulants, and more.
Rennet & Ingredients
  • Vegetable Rennet Tablets

    Each pack of vegetable rennet tablets will set approximately 20 2-gallon batches of cheese. Store them in the freezer between batches, and they'll keep for up to 3 years.
    • Use it for: coagulating milk during cheesemaking.

    Vegetable Rennet Tablets



    My local store always ran out of this simple product and I had to wait sometimes for a month to get it in. This was much easier.

    - paul

    "great stuff"

    I prefer these to liquid rennet as the shelf life is much longer and the performance is more consistent.

    - harpo


    Nice and fresh, good value! My mozzarella rocked!

    - Erica

    "Good stuff!"

    As someone new to cheese making, I really appreciate the good quality products and the excellent advice that comes with it. I now regularly make cream cheese & have fantastic results with these rennet tablets.

    - Kathy

    "Vegetable Rennet Tablets"

    These are very easy to use and store very well. Always get good results with the cheeses thus far.

    - James

    "Rennet tablets"

    I was referred to this site by a chef. It was so nice to find everything I needed at a decent price. My mozzarella cheese turned out wonderful and was much cheaper than store brands. My ricotta is to die for! Thank you! I will continue shopping at this site!

    - PrettyMomma

  • Organic Vegetable Rennet

    Double-strength organic liquid vegetable rennet. Each bottle contains enough rennet to set 24 2-gallon batches of cheese.
    • Use it for: coagulating milk during cheesemaking.

    Organic Vegetable Rennet


    "great product"

    Great product but wish it was sold in better bottle

    - Donna

    "Organic, double-strength microbial rennet"

    This rennet works well, but I wish it were still sold in a larger bottle. It used to be a better value to buy it that way.

    - Mindy

    "Great product"

    I love that this is veg and organic.

    - Al

    "works good"

    Wish they sold bigger bottle

    - no nickname

    "Great product"

    I love this rennet, I have been using animal rennet before and wanted to try this one because it said double strength and it sure is. Perfect results for my soft cheese. Will sure be getting this one from now on.

    - Eman

    "It makes cheesy goodness--how can I complain?"

    This is a great product, doing exactly what it is supposed to (as far as I can tell?). I appreciate that the organic option is not more expensive than the conventional, and how you can choose between animal and vegetable. Shipping is quicker than I expected!

    - Manda

  • Liquid Animal Rennet

    High quality single strength animal rennet. Each bottle contains enough rennet to set 12 2-gallon batches of cheese.
    • Use it for: coagulating milk during cheesemaking.

    Liquid Animal Rennet


    "Works great"

    I've used several bottles of this for all sorts of cheeses and have never had a problem. Have had identical results when vegetable rennet, in my opinion.

    - Hannah


    I teach cooking classes, and always use (and tout) CFH rennets in my cheese series. This product is perfect for making the best stretchy fresh mozzarella.

    - Manda

    "Worked as advertised "

    Worked as expected

    - Frank


    Although the package of rennet said refridgerate, there was no ice pack or any attempt to keep the package cool that was shipped to Florida in the summer. I don't know if this was the reason my cheese making attempt failed, but, sadly, after following directions precisely, including using 2 different thermometers just to be sure, there was no mozzarella just a sauce textured liquid. Tasty but not the treat I was planning. Will try with different milk and see if that works. Response from CFH: We ship all year long with relatively few instances of failure due to heat. We are always happy to troubleshoot with you, and if found to be defective, we will replace it. Our attempt to reach you was unsuccessful, so please contact us if you need any assistance!

    - Salligator

    "Nice cheese"

    I've been making goat cheese for years, my Italian mother in law taught me how and this rennet makes perfect cheese

    - haipal

    "Very Happy"

    Worked great, and this was my maiden cheese.

    - MaMaFurr

  • Liquid Vegetable Rennet

    Double-strength liquid vegetable rennet. Each bottle contains enough rennet to set 24 2-gallon batches of cheese.
    • Use it for: coagulating milk during cheesemaking.

    Liquid Vegetable Rennet


    "Works well"

    Wanted to buy liquid vegetable rennet as opposed to the regular stuff. In the past, I bought a similar product from a cheesemaking website and the results were TERRIBLE (way too active). This product from Cultures for Health is quality stuff. While it is double acting or whatever...I still used the same amount as what the recipe called for (I was making a simple soft cheese) and the results were wonderful. My one complaint would be that it would be easier to control the amount of liquid rennet coming out if there was a dropper installed in the cap rather than the container being a squeeze bottle. Though this would make the product easier to work with, it's not going to stop me from ordering from CFH again when I need to.

    - Mat

    "Great results"

    I like how easy to use this product is and my cheese turns out perfect every time. This is a staple in my cheesemaking supplies.

    - Laurie

    "Great Rennet"

    I love the vegetable rennet for my cheese making especially since it is double strength.


    "Great product"

    Great product

    - Kerri

    "Great product"

    Love the liquid rennet..easier to use than the tablets

    - Kerri

    "Questionable Ingredients"

    I am a first time cheese maker and purchased this item. When I received it I was very disappointed to see that it contains sodium benzoate and caramel coloring. Why? I should have checked the ingredients before I purchased; it just never occurred to me that I would need to be on the lookout for artificial coloring in my rennet. It would cost me more to return it than it's worth, so lesson learned I guess. Order the organic instead; it appears to have cleaner ingredients. That's what I would've ordered but it's not currently available.

    - Jennifer

  • Calcium Chloride

    Add to goat milk and sometimes cow milk for a firmer curd.
    • Use it for: adding to milk to create a firmer curd during cheesemaking.

    Calcium Chloride


    "Very good product"

    I was very happy because it was a very good product and i'll keep purchasing here in the future.

    - Margi

    "Great quality"

    It works wonderfully to make good cheese

    - Aqua

    "great products"

    Good price, fast delivery excellent products

    - padelante

    "Finally my milk will set!"

    I'm pretty new to cheese making. Until I bought this I had terrible luck. My success rate was approximately 50%. I must have poured a dozen and a half gallons of milk down the sink over the course of my first year in cheese making. I wrote to dairies about ultra pasteurizing, went all over town to get milk from different places, and second guessed everything I did. I though it was my fault so much of my milk didn't set. It wasn't me it was my milk. I've made cheese 6 times since ordering this product. Every batch has set perfectly. This is a small price to pay for how much the product has helped me.

    - Maryintucsonaz

  • Cheese Coloring

    Made from annatto seed, this double-strength natural coloring gives homemade cheese a yellow color.
    • Use it for: giving Cheddar and other cheeses their characteristic colors.

    Cheese Coloring



    very good product, just a little drop or so gave me the right coloring for my cheese.

    - whisper38

  • Tartaric Acid

    A key ingredient in mascarpone, a sweet and creamy Italian cheese.
    • Use it for: making mascarpone cheese.

    Tartaric Acid



    Product is good quality and affordable.

    - peewee

  • Citric Acid

    A key ingredient in acid cheeses including mozzarella, paneer, queso blanco, and ricotta.
    • Use it for: coagulating cheese while making acid cheeses.

    Citric Acid


    "works good"

    Mozzarella cheese turned out great

    - no nicknamew

    "this is a good product with a great price"

    was very happy with this product. gave the products to my brother who made mozzarella cheese with them. the pizza he made with the cheese was so awesome. Ria.

    - ria


    I would definitely recommend this product. My first mozzarella cheese ever turned out perfect!!

    - Von

  • Cheese Salt

    An easy-to-dissolve, iodine-free salt perfect for cheesemaking.
    • Use it for: flavoring and preserving homemade cheese.
  • Mild Lipase Powder

    These mild lipase enzymes enhance the flavor of certain Italian and specialty cheeses.
    • Use it for: enhancing the flavor of homemade mozzarella, asiago, Provolone, feta, and blue cheeses.

    Mild Lipase Powder


    "Nearly expired product was sent"

    Just received this product mid-Feb and the product will expire coming May already. This is freeze dried product so it looks like this place sends nearly expired products! Response from CFH: This product has a very short shelf life of just 6 months. It should work great for your cheesemaking needs! If you have any issues, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

    - Peter

    "Great products"

    A great product at a terrific price! The quality is the same as the other outstanding products I purchased from Cultures for Health.

    - mimiwood1

  • Traditional "Peccorino" Lipase Powder

    These traditional "peccorino" lipase enzymes enhance the flavor of certain Italian and specialty cheeses.
    • Use it for: enhancing the flavor of homemade Romano, Provolone, and feta cheese.

    Traditional "Peccorino" Lipase Powder


    "Works like a charm"

    I make Feta cheese with cow's milk and this lipase gives it the "edge" the cheese needed. When I can't get goat's milk, I use cow's milk from the grocery and this lipase makes up the difference. The 2 oz bottle should last quite a while. I use 1/4 tsp for 2 gals of milk. Your mail order service was quick too! Be sure to keep yours in the freezer, they sent me tracking info to know when it was being delivered so I could pop it in the freezer as soon as it arrived, and it wouldn't sit in the mailbox in 90 degree temps. Thanks CFH RouxBDoo

    - RouxBDoo