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Aromatherapy Room Diffuser

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Enjoy all your essential oils and blends in your Aromatherapy Room Diffuser. The unit plugs right into an electrical outlet, so you can enjoy the benefits of your essential oils almost immediately!

About Aromatherapy Room Diffuser

  • Includes diffuser unit and 5 refill pads
  • Plugs into electrical outlet directly
  • Replaces synthetic air fresheners
  • Made in Canada


Instructions for using Aromatherapy Room Diffuser

  • Apply 5-15 drops of essential oil or essential oil blend to the refill pad.
  • Insert pad into diffuser unit
  • Plug into electrical outlet
  • Refill pad may be reused until it hardens
  • Use a new pad for different oils


Aromatherapy Room Diffuser Safety

  • Avoid direct contact with saturated diffuser pads. 
  • Keep refill pads away from children. 
  • Do not cover the diffuser when in use. 
  • Do not handle with wet hands. 
  • Do not store in a damp place. 
  • Do not allow saturated refill pads to come into contact with furniture or other household items.


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1 Reviews For "Aromatherapy Room Diffuser"

  1. A true disappointment

    by Betsy on 09 Sat,2015


    With two fabulous Aura Cacia oils, I expected that this diffuser would fill one corner of my apartment with the scent of balsam or orange. Fifteen drops of the oil on the diffuser's pad scents a very small area for only a matter of an hour or so. Friends coming into the condo could not detect the scents, and the pad that was wet with the oil was dry by day's end.This was a hefty price for a simple diffuser that did not live up to its description!

    Response from CFH: I contacted Aura Cacia, and here is their advice -

    The pads are made to absorb the oil, and then when placed in the plug-in warm slightly to help volatilize the essential oil and omit the smell more. We suggest adding 5 drops to start with and increasing as a personal preference from there. Some essential oils may take more to notice a scent. The amount the scent is noticeable may differ as well depending on the scent and how often the oil would need to be applied. I also know from personal use that you may become desensitized from the scent so applying the oil when you are around will make a large difference. Citrus oils tend to evaporate more quickly and the scent is not noticed as long. Stronger scents such as cinnamon leaf, cassia bark, lemongrass, ylang ylang, geranium, patchouli, vanilla, rose, jasmine, vetiver, sandalwood, clove bud, palmarosa and myrrh tend to last/be noticed for a longer amount of time.

    Also, this is due to the fact that they are natural products and do not have synthetics and such in them that help to make the scent last longer so the oil would need to be applied more often.

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Questions on Aromatherapy Room Diffuser

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  • From Auntyrat at 1/10/2018 9:25 PM
    • Can this be kept plugged in over night? Will it get hot and burn anything?
    • They can be plugged in continuously, however, the oil would wear off if left in overnight and not be as effective.
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  • From naturalGirl at 5/29/2017 8:47 PM
  • From Liz at 8/16/2015 4:46 PM
    • How can one avoid direct contact with the diffuser pad when it has to touched to remove and replace pads?

    • Perhaps using tweezers, or wearing gloves of some sort would work. The idea is to not come into contact with the essential oils, or to mix the natural oils in your fingers with the essential oil.
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  • From Lucy at 6/15/2015 5:17 PM
    • how long does one application of essential oil last in the plug-in room diffusers?
      and how many applications does a pad last?
    • The length of time a single application of oil will last, or how many times a pad can be reused will vary depending on the oils used, the size of the room, and the number of drops applied. Some oils are more potent than others, and larger rooms require more oil, or more frequent applications.
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