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5 Travel Essentials for Eye Care


5 Travel Eye Care Essentials

Between dry airplane air and lack of sleep, traveling can leave the eyes looking and feeling exhausted. Pack these 5 items the next time you hit the road to ease puffy, red eyes. Make sure to carry along some cotton pads for easy product application.



Chamomile Toner

Misting with a refreshing and moisturizing toner is ideal for long flights or throughout the day. The soothing properties in chamomile help ease redness and puffiness, as well as bring a sense of calm during a rushed day. Mix ahead of time and pack a 2 oz container to pack in your carry-on if flying.



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  Rosehip and Honey Eye Serum  

Rosehip and Honey Eye Serum

Dab on this rejuvenating eye serum before bed and wake up with your eyes feeling bright and renewed. Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it retains moisture. Rosehips are deeply beneficial for repairing and renewing damaged skin and areas prone to fine lines.



Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

At the end of a long travel day, this quick and easy cleanser will remove makeup and moisturize your dehydrated skin. It is gentle enough for the eye area but can be used over the entire face.



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  Cornflower Eye Tonic  

Cornflower Eye Tonic

Cornflower is wonderful for soothing and smoothing the sensitive skin around your eyes. Soak cotton pads with tonic and apply to tired eyes for 10-15 minutes. Use before bed or take a moment during the day to slow down and relax. 


Sleepytime Spray

Getting to sleep can be difficult away from home, especially if you are suffering from jet lag. Sleep is critical to keep skin hydrated, oxygenated and clear. Spritz your neck, soles of feet and room with this essential oil infused mist to help you unwind.


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