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Kefir Starter Culture

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Kefir Starter Culture

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Product Review (submitted on February 21, 2014):

I used to use the kefir grains when we milked goats and no matter what I did, I could not make a kefir that my husband and I liked. We could only drink it in smoothies with a lot of fruit and maple syrup sweetener and that adds a lot of calories we didn't want. I worked with it for 3 years before finally giving it up. I just recently found out that there is a product such as this ... and WOW I'm so impressed.

It's super easy to make and I have been able to reculture mine many times over before having to make a new batch. The taste is so pleasant that I can drink it plain or put it over cultured chutney with nothing added. I read that it might not be as potent as using grains but for those of us who were using nothing, this is a true blessing!

It's an awesome product, easy to do and very pleasant, I recommend it to everyone!!!