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Mitoku Traditional Natto Spores

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Mitoku Traditional Natto Spores

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Product Review (submitted on January 16, 2014):

I've been practicing home natto making for the past year. I've done all the ghetto internet methods, using store bought packets for starter and refining and perfecting all of the "technical" aspects of making natto. It is an extremely simple food in terms of ingredients, but it is uniquely Japanese in that it is also quite difficult to get it correctly.

This natto spore package was the final missing piece from my puzzle. I followed the directions carefully, although I used two spoons of starter instead of one, and my natto came out unbelievably sticky, delicious, and savory. There is absolutely no substitute to this, except for maybe other purpose made starter spores which I would now like to try and would love for this site to carry.

Unlike one of the other reviewers, I used large, full sized soybeans that I cooked in a pressure cooker and had them super mushy soft. They tightened up to the correct texture and properly fermented all the way through once the entire process was completed (a 48-50 hr affair).

$12.99 is expensive at first, put considering the yield of natto and the quality, it's a steal. It's like eating a McRib sandwich your whole life and then finally trying lovingly made, hickory smoked spare ribs by an expert smoker. I feel cheated for eating the "sanitized", milder flavor of store bought junk. Toss the styrofoam, prepackaged natto garbage away. There is no going back from this.