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Make delicious baked goods with sprouted 100% organic wheat berries from To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company. Sprouted grain contains more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than conventional grain. Sprouting the wheat berries (kernels) reduces or eliminates phytic acid that inhibits the absorption of nutrients. 

Two Varieties

  • Hard Red Spring Wheat
  • Hard White Spring Wheat

Two Options Available

  • Whole Wheat Berries: Mill your own sprouted flour fresh just prior to baking for best flavor and nutritional value.
  • Freshly Milled Flour

Certified Kosher by EarthKosher

Country of Origin: USA and Canada

Packaging Information: 

  • 1-, 5-, and 10-lb quantities shipped in food-grade plastic that is heat sealed.
  • 25- and 50-lb. quantities shipping in 3-ply paper bags, also approved for food contact.


Sprouted wheat flour can be used in recipes calling for all-purpose or whole wheat flour using a 1:1 ratio. Sprouted wheat flour makes wonderful bread, pizza, biscuits, cookies, and many other baked goods.  

Sprouted wheat berries are 100% organic. Once the berries are milled into flour, the flour will generally keep for 3 to 4 months in the pantry, 6 to 8 months in the refrigerator, or up to 14 months in the freezer.   

Shipping Information: This item is available for shipping to the contiguous US only (excludes AK, HI, PR, VI, APO/FPO, US Territories, etc.). This item ships directly from the manufacturer via their choice of carrier and will arrive separately from other items in your order. Specific shipping options (UPS, USPS, Fed Ex, etc.) and expedited shipping options are not available for this item. If a specific shipping option or expedited shipping is selected at check out, it will not apply to this item.

Questions on Sprouted Wheat

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  • From Rgordey at 1/23/11 12:54 PM
    • What type of wheat berries are used? Do you carry hard red winter, hard white winter, soft white spring, durum sprouted/malted etc.?
    • It's hard red spring wheat.
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  • From elizabeth at 2/22/11 2:39 PM
    • What temp. are sprouted grains dried at - what temp is low temp? Should I freeze sprouted grains for long term storage?
    • The grains are dried between 110º and 120ºF. Once ground into flour, it will generally keep for 3-4 months in the pantry, 6-8 months in the refrigerator or up to 14 months in the freezer.
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  • From Jenna at 1/27/12 10:34 AM
    • How long do the grains last before they are ground into flour? (Like, if I'm storing them so I can grind as needed, how long are the grains still usable?)
    • Sprouted grains can last 12+ months at room temperature.
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  • From sandra at 1/28/12 2:09 PM
    • how much flour will 5lbs berries make
    • There are around 3-4 cups flour per pound, so 5 lbs berriers yields 5 lbs flour, which yields around 15-20 cups.
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  • From Christine Bettin at 2/4/12 11:24 AM
    • Where is the wheat grown?
    • Our grains and flours are provided by To Your Health Organic Sprouted Flours. Most of the organic raw grain is grown in Minnesota and Montana, and they have purchased organic raw wheat from Canada as well.
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  • From Nora at 4/19/12 12:01 AM
    • Can I use food processor to grind the sprouted grain?
    • Yes, you can usually grind sprouted grain in a food processor. It can be a little hard on some food processors so if you plan on grinding a lot of grain, you might consider a Grain Mill. Coffee grinders can also be used for a quick grind of a small amount of sprouted grain.
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  • From Mary Hales at 8/20/12 11:32 AM
    • Do you know if the wheat used is non-GMO? I want to make sure I am getting non genetically modified wheat as well as organic. . Maybe it has to be non-GMO in order to be organic and if so, sorry for the lame questions :).
    • Organic products (in the US and Canada) are non-GMO.
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  • From Julie W at 9/18/12 9:23 PM
    • Can sprouted wheat flour be used to make bread just the same as non-sprouted flour would be used?
    • Yes it can.
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  • From Tom at 10/13/12 11:27 AM
    • Can sprouted grains be frozen without losing any nutritional value or enzymatic characteristics?
    • Freezing is perfectly fine and will not alter the nutritional makeup or enzymatic characteristics.
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  • From Emily at 10/27/12 6:47 PM
    • can the sprouted flour and the Desem Sourdough starter be used together???
    • Sprouted flours are fine for using with your sourdough starters. Be aware that the sprouted flours we carry are freshly ground to order. Feeding your sourdough culture with freshly ground flour is problematic as sourdough culture prefers aged flour. Therefore we recommend placing your freshly ground flour in a bowl on the counter covered lightly with a dish towel for several weeks before using it to feed your sourdough culture. Once it is time to bake bread, you can use freshly ground flour as the flour portion of the bread recipe.
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