Using Kefir in Everyday Recipes


If you’re making kefir, and loving that “good feeling” that gives kefir its namesake, then you may wonder what else you can use kefir for besides smoothies and general drinking.

Kefir, because it contains acids and bacteria much like yogurt and buttermilk, can be used in all sorts of baking recipes with delicious, tangy results. The bonus of using kefir instead of these other cultured dairy products is that if you are already making kefir for things like smoothies or kefir cheese, then you have no need to make or purchase yogurt or buttermilk.

In other words, you can simplify things in the kitchen by using kefir, something you already have, instead of keeping yogurt and buttermilk in the house as well. One culture to keep up with, one ingredient for a multitude of recipes, and one tasty and healthy result.

Here are some recipe ideas for you to get started:

Biscuits. Use this classic soaked buttermilk biscuit recipe for flaky delicious biscuits, but substitute kefir for the buttermilk.

Pancakes. Try these apple cinnamon kefir pancakes that already utilize kefir, or try these gluten-free soaked buckwheat pancakes and use kefir for the soaking medium instead.

Cake. The acidity found in cultured dairy products creates a tender, moist, delicious cake. This chocolate buttermilk cake will soon become your favorite chocolate kefir cake.

Scones. This slightly sweet cousin to the biscuit can easily be made with kefir instead of milk or buttermilk. Try these strawberry kefir scones or make your favorite recipe with kefir instead of buttermilk.

Banana Bread and Other Quick Breads. Most quick breads like banana, zucchini, or pumpkin; utilize some type of acidic cultured milk as an ingredient. This acidity reacts with the baking soda often found in the recipes to create a lovely rise. It also makes for a tender crumb in your loaf. Use kefir in place of yogurt or buttermilk in your favorite quick bread recipe and be sure to try this kefir banana bread.

Ranch Dip. Instead of the usual buttermilk ranch recipe, try this kefir ranch dip instead.

Kefir Yeast Bread. This is perhaps one of the most exciting things about kefir. Because kefir contains both bacteria and yeasts, kefir can be used as a yeast leaven in breads much like sourdough. Try this kefir yeast bread and see what you think.

Blended Chilled Soups. There are hosts of chilled and blended soup recipes that involve either yogurt or buttermilk out there. They are the perfect hot day meal, but you can make them even better (and simpler, if you only have kefir) by using kefir in place of the other cultured dairy in the recipe. Try this chilled cucumber avocado soup recipe using kefir during the heat of summer.

So if you wish to keep things simple in your kitchen by only keeping one cultured dairy product on hand, then you may want to start using kefir in place of yogurt and buttermilk in all of your favorite recipes. It will save you time, energy, and space and has delicious and nutritious benefits as well.



Kefir Recipes

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