Uses for Extra Kombucha Scobys


Because a new scoby is created with almost every new batch of kombucha, it is easy to quickly be overrun with scobys. If you have friends or family members who would benefit from being able to make their own kombucha, the best place for an extra scoby is in a loving home. However, at some point you are likely to run out of homes for the scobys to go to, so then what? 

Add to a Smoothie. Add a piece of scoby to your morning smoothie.

Kombucha Jerky. Lay scobys flat on a piece of unbleached parchment paper and dry at 80°-90°F until they reach the consistency of jerky. Cover with a cloth to keep fruit flies and pests away. Consume as a treat or cut up on a salad, in trail mix, etc.

Kombucha Candy. Tear scobys into bite-sized pieces, then soak overnight in a solution of 50% water and 50% sweetener such as maple syrup or honey. Dehydrate the same as for Kombucha Jerky, above to gummy candy consistency.

Pet Treats. Kombucha scobys can be fed to pets either fresh or using the same process for making kombucha jerky to make a dried pet treat.

Substitute for Raw Fish in Sushi. With a texture similar to squid, kombucha scobys can be cut up and eaten along with the nori, rice, vegetables, etc.

Face Mask. Kombucha scobys can be as a face mask either whole or ground up.

As a Bandage. Some customers report using scobys as a live bandage.

Chicken Food. Many chicken owners find their chickens really appreciate a fresh scoby as a treat.

Compost. Scobys can be added whole to the compost pile or ground up and added directly to the soil of plants.


Feed Extra Kombucha Scobys to Chickens

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