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Three Ways to Make Cultured Buttermilk

Option #1: Use Our Heirloom Cultured Buttermilk Starter

An heirloom variety starter can be perpetuated from batch to batch (a little from each batch is used to make the next batch). This traditional way to make buttermilk is the most economical, as it only requires the initial starter culture and fresh milk.

Pros: Buy once; with proper care, can be used for an indefinite period of time to make cultured buttermilk.

Cons: Must be maintained by making buttermilk (even just a small amount) each week.

More Information: Click here to review our Heirloom Buttermilk Starter.

Option #2: Use Our Direct-Set Sour Cream Starter

Direct-set starters are one-time use cultures and generally come with several packets to a box, so multiple batches can be made. Our Sour Cream Starter Culture includes 4 packets and optional instructions for making buttermilk. 

Pros: Very easy to use. No mother culture to maintain. Keep the packets in the freezer and pull one out whenever you are ready to make buttermilk.

Cons: Direct-set starters can only be used once and can't be recultured, or may be re-cultured a limited number of times.

More Information: Click here to view our Direct-set Sour Cream Starter Culture.

Option #3: Use Cultured Buttermilk from the Store

Mix ⅓ cup of store-bought buttermilk with live active cultures into 1 cup fresh milk. Cover loosely and culture in a warm spot (70°-77°F) for 12-24 hours, until thickened. Refrigerate.

Pros: Readily available from your local store.

Cons: Limited use, must have buttermilk on hand to make more buttermilk. (Commercial buttermilk generally can't be recultured multiple times.)

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Three Ways to Make Cultured Buttermilk

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